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How the position of scientists hard way to Mars?

How the position of scientists hard way to Mars? Let`s speculate on whether so without safely fly to Mars and back? The path is not close and dangerous, around the vacuum and a sea of asteroids and comets, the real cosmic accident may happen during the first 9 months of the flight at any time. All the trajectories and paths of diverse fragments of the universe is difficult to calculate, sometimes not even possible, as the picture of reality is constantly changing.
If you send a mission to Mars for 3 years as it is planned now, the scientists will need a very powerful missile, but you also need to consider the fact that not the usual living conditions also negatively affect the first colonists of Mars.
All this is clear and understandable and NASA is actively funding the program, which will allow the most realistic estimate of the mission. With regards to a living organism, in this direction are actively conducted research at the Institute for regenerative medicine, Wake forest, scientists are trying even use existing strengths in the field of stem cells, so that the whole wisdom of the science used in the process of cell regeneration of the astronaut in flight and on other planets. That is, scientists really want to create a new man, a man who in the conditions of aggressive environment could actively resist it. Strong x-ray and gamma radiation are on the way, maybe for 9 months to give astronauts a lot of diseases. So far, the team of scientists examines the risks and provides strategies to minimize them. At this stage scientists have created something that is a normal dietary Supplement that may help the body to quickly restore power after the devastating effects of radiation.
At this time, radiation is the worst enemy for the cosmonauts during long-duration missions. To Mars to fly about 9 months at that will be used the most advanced rocket engines and technology. The path which will need to fly about 200 million km away, and the way the astronaut will operate the solar radiation, the relict galactic radiation its the charged particles will destroy cells and tissues of the astronaut all the time way to hide humans in space from radiation is simply unrealistic difficult. In order for blood were always normal, you need to make sure that blood cells are updated much more astronaut than the earth conditions the average person. If you fail to do so, the cells responsible for delivering oxygen to the brain and cells working in the immune system defense will stop working in the body would be fatal.
Scientists began to experiment with the stem cells of a donor aged, they irradiated the proportions of radiation that are expected in the conditions of deep space. After this radiation, scientists have studied the consequences of which had seats in the cells. It was found that radiation acts setimagepage on bone marrow cells and the development of all important red blood cells is slowed down by about 80%. In fact it`s just a catastrophic weakening of the immune system and maybe even some stage of anaemia in space.
In the second stage, scientists tried to analyze how yourself will feel the body with such lazy productive functions of the cells. The experiment involved rodents, they transplanted irradiated human stem cells and as a result they are just sick. So that the blood disease just guaranteed if the astronaut will be in space for a long time. There are many problems, but scientists at NASA think that they`ll be completely overcome with the proper funding and stock in time before the start of the Mars mission.

Human Flight to Mars - a scientific version

Manned mission to Mars - imagination of fantasts

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