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Every time astronomers in the mountains of cosmic signals find something interesting!

Every time astronomers in the mountains of cosmic signals find something interesting! The very theme of "Are we alone in the Universe" has been haunting everyone for probably more than one consecutive civilization on the surface of a piece of land called Earth.
Probably, as an advanced user would say ," And it is clear to the goat that something is wrong with this world!", but it is incredibly difficult to prove and show on your fingers what is difficult to explain from the standpoint of academic science. In order not to be idle, so to speak, astronomers rely on various incorrect postulates of physicists and are constantly in search of something anomalous in the far and near space. Looking for? LET them search! But is there really a stack of straw where astronomers are looking for a needle belonging to other civilizations? Here the answer will clearly be more interesting and capacious than the article itself about some possibly incorrect, possibly abnormal signals.
And so, if you believe, then listen!
Those of the astronomers who do not sleep at night because of the abundant consumption of coffee, often and on duty buried in the sky waiting for the arrival of sleep, sometimes they are in such a half-asleep state seem different sounds and signals from distant space.
Recently, someone heard something strange coming from an object in the vicinity of Proxima Centauri, if they did not know, then according to astronomers, this is the closest star to us and apparently some planets in its orbit. About such things here wrote not some kind of grief blogger, and a famous publication - The Guardian.
To many, such a strange signal seemed to be a topic in order to inflate to a sensation, someone even undertook to write a dissertation on the topic. It seems to me that it should be more interesting that none of the authoritative publications about space does not report anything on this topic. As it turns out, the signal was initially strictly directed, like a beam signal at a frequency of 980 megahertz, it was first recorded by radio astronomers in May 2019. It was picked up by a radio telescope dish in AUSTRALIA.
Something special about the Parkes Telescope (Australia) is difficult to find on the web, the usual large plate and nothing more. Apparently she was just in the right position at the right time, or just an accident. This telescope is part of the Breakthrough Listen project, which initially received more than $ 100 million. And the goal itself as it turns out is the search for such signals. Maybe just astronomers earn their bread and make-believe find what they previously received money for? Could it be?
The search for smart signals at a frequency of 980 MHz is at least explained by the fact that there is very little earth interference at this frequency.
If you dig into the signals that were previously discovered within the framework of the Breakthrough Listen project, then there will be quite a few of them. Each time, a new signal is disassembled in parts and eventually an explanation is found for it.
In the case of a signal at a frequency of 980 MHz, it is clearly directed type and came from the star system of Proxima Centauri. This system is located at a distance of 4.2 light-years from EARTH. While the signal was being monitored, it changed its starting point slightly. Perhaps it came from a moving planet??? In the orbit of the star Proxima Centauri, there is a large or even very large rocky planet, it is at least 17% larger than our Earth.
According to The Guardian, the signal is very rare and very informative! Opponents believe that we do not know everything in the universe, so nature may well reproduce such a signal itself on that distant planet and do not need the presence of an intelligent humanoid for this....

If you liked the publication, give attention to the author :) thanks!

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