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Do you believe that the construction of the Voyager space station will begin in 2025”

Do you believe that the construction of the Voyager space station will begin in 2025” If you believe the gossip from the network, then some money is going to build in orbit a kind of celestial city with artificial gravity in which at least 400 people can live at the same time. This strategic object is going to build the Orbital Assembly Corporation ( OAC), the network even goes to the full publication of the conceived plans, someone wants to build something similar to a celestial city, even the name was already invented for this city - “Voyager”. The peculiarity of this whole system is that the station will supposedly have artificial gravity.
The latest ideas on this topic were discussed in January 2021, and they even gathered something similar to a conference, which took place on January 29. At this symposium, investors were attracted in every conceivable way.
They even told me that the orbital hotel will host wealthy tourists for a while. This project is with a long beard, the world first learned about it in 2012 and now it is worn with it as with a written bag for a long 9 years without any tangible results... As everything was at the wishlist stage, it remains there to this day.
The foundation believes that space construction projects are the future, and that with the launch of the Voyager station, grandiose prospects for the development of neighboring planets will open up. Dreaming as they say is not harmful, it is harmful not to dream, in a world where crises have become the norm where the elementary flu mows down the economies of developed countries, there is still someone who is looking for a lot of money to implement completely unprofitable solutions.
I don't know how these craftsmen are going to build a space station, but with the presentation on YouTube, everything worked out very well for them. Everything looked like a fairy tale, for the sake of interest, apparently, they even showed the schedule of this fund for the development of space in the future.
A group of people who want to make good money and invest their data in the development of something new, something that may in the future interest the population of the Earth to fly into orbit and enjoy the view from space. Apparently, a group of specialists is going to build a kind of space station, something like the usual hotel on the beach, with the only difference being that the sea will be nearby in the form of an ordinary vacuum.
Such an ambitious venture costs a lot of money and in order to collect the proper amount in foreign currency, it was decided to issue shares of the fund and sell them at a price of 0.25 dollars apiece. This price is stable until April 1, 2021, and then as God will rest on your soul.
The space station will have 24 special modules, which will have a width of 12 meters and a length of 20 meters. It is planned to achieve approximately the lunar level of gravity at the facility, while all the equipment in the hotel will function in the usual way.
The idea is not bad in principle, but in order for it to work stably, so to speak, you need to develop the framework itself and successfully launch it into space, and this is not one billion dollars of investors ' money. So to sum up, it is probably worth saying that the idea is good in everything, but it will not be implemented in the coming years for one reason only, there is no money...

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