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How can small satellites be kept stable in low orbit?

How can small satellites be kept stable in low orbit? Currently, small satellites are increasingly used in the space industry, such objects are very often referred to as "Satellite Cubesat". Probably you can keep it in different ways, one option is to hammer a nail into the cosmic distance and hang a satellite on it, so to speak, stably and for centuries. If this could be done, then no one would suffer and invent more and more economical engines for correcting the orbital altitude. Scientists recently launched a small satellite into orbit,which according to their version will be able to adjust the height of the orbit without fuel. This engine will allow you to keep small satellites in low orbits for a long period of operational time. Such small satellites can be equipped with the necessary electronics and they will work stably at low altitudes and at the same time the operating costs will be several times lower than usual.
Not a big satellite in size like a loaf of bread recently flew into space , it was launched with the help of delivery vehicles of the company Virgin Orbit. Small satellites are increasingly finding their use in the space industry, but the fact that in low orbits there is still some resistance of the rarefied atmosphere and it simply slows down not large satellites in weight and fills them up in a steep peak in a very, very short time, few people are happy. With large-weight vehicles, the same thing happens, but the process is stretched very much in time, which allows you to basically complete all the planned tasks or even, if necessary, turn on the propulsion system and adjust the orbit without much difficulty. On small satellites, there is no engine and they actually fall very quickly into the atmosphere, although they are not expensive, but their working life is not as long as we would like. Scientists from the University of Michigan, USA decided to try to correct the orbit of the satellite using electromagnetic forces.
The idea boils down to connecting two small satellite wires through which an electric current is passed. The current can flow in any direction and the entire system is closed through the Earth's ionosphere.
It is known from the laws of physics that if a current flows in a conductor, and the conductor itself is in a magnetic field, then a force acts on this conductor. So scientists decided to use the "electric force" to adjust the orbits for small satellites.
The devices that test this technology are called mitee-1: The Miniature Tether Electrodynamics Experiment-1, they are already in space and are traveling along the experiment map. If any force is recorded and it is sufficient to move small objects at low altitudes, then it can be argued that this topic is quite working and in the future it may be used by NASA to adjust the orbit in a fuel-free way.

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