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A pair of galaxies in a cosmic dance - NGC 2276

A pair of galaxies in a cosmic dance - NGC 2276 The Hubble project, a successful brainchild of NASA and ESA, has been actively working in the vast expanses of space closest to Earth for many years, the telescope is already outdated, much of it does not work as it should, but sometimes this rare unit still somehow pleases fans of space topics.
This time I will tell you about a picture that can be seen in amazingly good quality, this photo is just the Hubble telescope, this time its lens was directed towards a distant and very interesting star system-the galaxy NGC 2276. What is so remarkable about this distant star system with an equally "amazing" name? It is so far away in space that even in a dream it is difficult to get there, and if you still have the desire, you need to at least cover a distance of 120.5 million light-years. In addition, not every direction is suitable for meeting this unique star brotherhood in the end, only if you fly towards the constellation Cepheus, you will eventually be lucky and you will find yourself in a unique place called the galaxy NGC 2276.
Earthlings are a wasteful people, they do not lead any system in science and research, and for this reason this unique galaxy is described differently in different catalogs. Galaxy IRAS 07101 + 8550, LEDA 21039 and UGC 3740 or something else:) at his leisure, a German named Theodore opened it, it was June 26, 1876.
There is another feature of this galaxy, some scientists refer to it as a spiral galaxy and even gave it the name ARP 25, while others are the same scientists, but with glasses they believe that it is still more of an elliptical galaxy and it needs to be sent to this category and so by the way, it also exists there and is called the object ARP 114.
In general, come out something crooked, not even just crooked, but unusually crooked, every astronomer can see this unusually crooked galaxy from a different angle!
So it turns out that the new photo is not the usual one galaxy, but some kind of monster with the name NGC 2276, in which superheated gas rages, which permeates the galaxy in different directions. In fact, this state of the cluster may, according to astronomer Nicola Revue, be due to the fact that many years earlier in this part of the Universe two galaxies collided and so successfully collided that the result was just what the Hubble telescope took in the photo. In a strange way, star life is boiling along one edge of this wonderful galaxy! There are a lot of bright blue stars, it glows brightly like some terribly large luminous wave on the edge of a huge galaxy. In the photo, this is on the left,or rather on the left side.
If you look at the world more broadly and highlight the neighbors of the galaxy NGC 2276, then a new object is drawn there, and it is he who pulls the periphery of NGC 2276 with his attraction. This is not the large lenticular galaxy NGC 2300. It was she who seemed to fluff the edges of our grandiose object and in this way led some astronomers astray:))

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