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Another company from the United States successfully tested its small rocket

Another company from the United States successfully tested its small rocket This time, engineers from the company, whose headquarters are located in Maine, decided to make their rocket. In this case, we are developing a low-power rocket that could deliver small satellites to orbit at minimal cost. So far, there is no question of putting the rocket into working position at NASA, the rocket is only being tested, but the tests show that another company has a great chance to get contracts for the delivery of satellites to near-Earth orbit in the future.
The company bluShift Aerospace this time launched a small rocket, the rocket successfully launched and reached an altitude of 1219 meters. The rocket this time was not intended to be sent to the maximum possible altitude, the flight to an altitude of more than one kilometer was enough to test the operation of all engine systems and control systems.
This time the rocket was covered with sensors and stuffed with all sorts of devices that were developed by students and postgraduates of educational institutions. The instruments, in addition to measuring all the environmental parameters, also measured the parameters of the rocket. The rocket was made of a special alloy, which was tested for strength just during this flight. This alloy was developed in a laboratory in New Hampshire.
In addition to the research equipment itself, there was also a prototype satellite on board, it was made in the Netherlands, and this miracle was called "Dutch Waffles". The size of the prototype will just be the same as those satellites for which the rocket itself is being built. Everything in the test flight is done in terms of practicality at the highest level.
There are a lot of rockets that would bring small satellites to low orbits in the nearest space, but this rocket differs favorably from the entire rocket cohort in terms of the propulsion system. The fuel in this case is a solid powder, and the oxidizer is fed into the combustion chamber in the form of a liquid. This fuel system allows you to quickly oxidize the fuel, increasing the overall efficiency of the propulsion system. To all the charms of such an engine is not much, but still cheaper than similar engines in functionality. As fuel, "manure" is used, not in the literal sense of the word, but fuel that is just produced on livestock farms.
The rocket will have to put satellites weighing 30 kg into orbit, the rocket will not deliver them to super-high orbits, its task is limited to low altitudes within 160 km from the launch point. If everything continues to go on as normal, then it is highly likely that the rocket will be ready for launch with a real satellite on board in 2024.
To develop such a rocket, the company needed a budget of only 800 thousand dollars, this is not too much money, but given the fact that the demand for the delivery of small satellites is growing, then this rocket will not earn very little money and the project itself will have to pay off very quickly.
Part of the money for the development was allocated to NASA, and part of it was poured into the business by private investors, as a result, the project is systematically developing and improving.

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