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How much does our galaxy weigh?

How much does our galaxy weigh? Is it possible to imagine that astronomers have taken and put on virtual scales all the stars of our galaxy, what would happen? What would be the weight shown by the scales? Even now it is possible to estimate the weight of all the stars in our star system. If you believe all that our academics from science have calculated, it turns out that the weight of all the stars in the milky way galaxy is about 1.5 trillion solar masses is of course with the notorious dark matter, which in this total mass of 90%. From where such data is all a mystery, so I believe they should not I think...
Scientists just studied an overview map of the sky with two telescopes Hubble and Gaia, and they got this. The estimated weight of our galaxy is probably needed primarily in order to calculate the forces of interaction with neighboring galaxies of the local group, for something else these data are simply not needed. Humanity is trying something in space to find, but do not develop and degrade fixated on oil and gas technologies, fly for half a century on the same principles, and no advance in the subject there is, so the probability that someone somewhere is flying or will fly is reduced to zero...
Analyzing the brightness and number of stars, scientists have estimated the apparent mass of the stars in our galaxy and determined the weight of all these stars, each time the data is more accurate and more accurate, once again the mass specified ha as much as 500 billion solar masses, and this is a very tangible refinement. In fact, the mass of the milky way is not only visible stars, but black holes and objects that are not so easy to see. In addition, a huge percentage of the substance is simply hidden from people, 90% of scientists do not understand at all what it is and why it is... Dark matter either is or is not it all possible just another scientific screen in order to explain their misconceptions, but the visible stars, pulsars, maybe planets and black holes, scientists are already quite smartly able to count, instruments and equipment for these purposes is in a large range.
In the process of studying our galaxy and in the process of calculating its mass, only two telescopes took part, so that the data is not as much as we would like to have for the accuracy of the experiment. All to see and is difficult to calculate, but analyzing the interaction forces with neighbouring our galaxy globular clusters can be something to clarify quite accurately. There are 46 such clusters, so the accuracy is not bad. Until recently, astronomers watched these clusters only in the line of sight, when they began to follow these neighboring globular clusters in two telescopes, it turned out more informative and three-dimensional picture. Thanks to the European satellite Gaia and Hubble, the data are even more accurate.
So far, scientists have analyzed the interaction of the milky way with 34 ball constellations in the nearest availability using Gaia, as well as calculated the interaction with 12 more distant ball constellations thanks to the Hubble telescope. On a pure mathematical calculation, out of the total mass of 1.5 trillion solar masses. Maybe in fact the milky way has a mass of 1.5 billion solar masses, and maybe these conclusions are another misconception of academics. Scientists have studied the stars in a radius of 129 thousand light years from the Central black hole. All the scientists as one myself, I praise and claim that their calculations are relatively correct. We can believe them, and we can believe for example the Russian academician who wrote more than 22 scientific works, his surname tyunyaev and he just in the lectures claims that there is no space that anybody where does not fly, and the Earth flat and partially has the form of a bowl. So, if that night you dream of the mass of our galaxy, it seems to me your data is hundreds of times more accurate than those that given to the mountain of European and American astronomers about the topic.

Hubblecast 117 Light: Hubble & Gaia weigh the Milky Way - čëč ÷ňî óâčäĺë Hubble?

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