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The Chinese are going to the moon once again and on this trip they want to visit the back side of our satellite!

The Chinese are going to the moon once again and on this trip they want to visit the back side of our satellite! China has everything except freedom, so it may well happen that in a couple of years China will still land on the back side of the Moon and take a handful of lunar dust there for study. It is still difficult to say how it differs from other dust from other regions of the Moon,but there is such a desire and it is clearly not based on the empty idea of just spending money on another empty flight to the Moon.
China has been looking for something on the moon for several years, and now lunar samples have been collected, as if on the illuminated side of the satellite, now a mission is going on the road to collect the same thing, but in the dark. The astronomers plan to land a mission in the South Pole-Aitken area, God only knows what will come out of the idea as a result, but it would be better if they clearly did not fly there, the whole world would then breathe a sigh of relief:)
In November last year, the Chinese threw a bucket with nuts called “Chang'e-5” towards the moon, after 23 days, the bucket with nuts like a boomerang returned to his homeland, taking young moon stones from the Moon as a souvenir. Now they are planning to throw another bucket with microchips towards the moon, this mission is called "Chang'e-6", it will have to fly further and fall right on the other side of the Moon, so the Chinese need to try hard not to miss. The Chang'e-6 mission is planned for 2024.
What is so remarkable about a silicon brick made in China? A certain clever "Hu Hao" person in the Chinese space agency recently let slip, in his opinion, the Chinese should find something very interesting on the back side of the Moon. What could it be?Apparently another piece of lunar debris or something else interesting:)
In order to find and also take it with you without getting a neck from the Selenites, the Chinese mission will have to build not just an orbital mission, but also a lander with a return capsule in case the Selenites want to take away the lunar soil... There is a desire that what will fly away from the Earth, if possible, would fall somewhere in the South Pole-Aitken pool (SPA), and then how will it turn out if they get ...
This hollow on the Moon is nothing more than an ordinary impact crater, a certain place in which something alien from distant space crashed into a long time ago. This something was so large in size that the dent left on the surface of the Moon is already about 2000 square kilometers in area, which is not even very small. After digging in this crater, scientists hope to find something there that may tell a lot of interesting things about how and when the Moon appeared.
NASA doesn't seem to mind going to the moon too and also digging there, this topic has been heard since 2011.
The Chinese bucket with nuts-Yutu-2, arrived in a box with microchips - “Chang'e-4 " and successfully fell somewhere on the back side of the Moon, it was back in 2019. Now the data from the crash site is being processed. If scientists bring debris from this impact crater to Earth and study them well, then the data may probably be enough to understand what fell there and when.
There is no data on the place where the Chinese landed, everything is kind of secret. As for the Chang'e-6 mission, this is not a purely Chinese project, it is already something more, because there is a lot of foreign equipment on board, so to speak, partner topics.
There is a version that radon gas is released from the soil on the Moon, so the French put a sensor DORN, which will calculate the volumes of this rare gas.
The Italians, not wanting to lag behind the Chinese and French partners, also muddied their topic with the Chinese under the name INFN, this is a laser retroreflector,this is nothing else, but a determinant of the exact time on the way, all similar equipment was long ago even on the Apollo series rockets, so the Italians made very good friends with the Chinese.
There will also be devices on board to search for water ice, they will even look for places of intense release of negative ions from the surface. In general, the Chinese would like to squeeze as much useful data as possible out of the mission.
The moon rotates relative to the Earth at a small distance, but due to the fact that the orbit is synchronous, it turns out that the Moon is constantly turned to the observer from the Earth with one side. In order to transmit data from the back of the Moon, a repeater probe is also needed in orbit, so the mission does not look complicated, but in fact it is quite a high-tech enterprise.

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