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China builds its own version of the ISS

China builds its own version of the ISS The main module of the Chinese space station is already hanging out somewhere in the nearest space, and now it's a small matter, build and launch, dock and build up. If everything goes well, then after a certain time, China will get its base in low-Earth orbit! The construction project started with the launch of the Harmony of the Heavens module, which was delivered to orbit by the Chinese Long March-5B Y2 rocket. The launch was made in Hainan Province, closer to the equator.
This "Harmony" itself is essentially a base station, a sort of seed crystal, around which the rest of the infrastructure of the Chinese base station will grow. China sent into orbit just a car with various junk, something grandiose turned out. The size of the module is 16.6 meters, the width is all 4.2 meters, it is almost a whole house in space weighing 22.5 tons. The Chinese began to actively build the station and planned to build something interesting in orbit by 2022. In order for the idea to be realized, it is necessary to "Successfully" launch 10 fragments of the future station into orbit, all launches must meet the period from 2021 to 2022. Maybe everything is really not so simple and the media embellish everything, but the very goal of China to build an orbital station, no one is surprised.
The Chinese are building a T-shaped station, and God only knows what they will end up with! When everything is completed, a crew of 6 people will be on duty at the station, the station will not be able to accommodate more! As long as China has the day, and they will be there as long as the rest of the world buys cheap imports, the Celestial station will be kept in the right orbit. Why does China need it? So far, no one really delves into this topic, but in vain...
At this time, only one module rotates in orbit, and on Earth in the Middle Kingdom, Chinese designers sing songs to themselves. Until October, they will fly and build, and in October 2021, a manned mission will go to the station on the Shenzhou 13 ship. First, three cosmonauts will be taken to the station, who will be suspended there for 6 months. In the next 2022, China will send more modules to the station and significantly expand its working space. Two orbital laboratories, Wentian and Mengtian, will be assembled on Earth, and residential and technical compartments will also be attached there. The Chinese space station will fly low, only at an altitude of 340 km, maybe a little higher. The program itself implies the fact that the station will not be operated for more than 10 years, but this is probably fantastic, because everything Chinese falls apart on the move and does not withstand any warranty periods....

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