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NASA funded the idea for turning the asteroid into a spaceship

NASA funded the idea for turning the asteroid into a spaceship Probably not worth thinking about that in the near future, the spacecraft will be to surf the Universe. Until that time still survive. So far, there is argument about the feasibility of building a spacecraft for long-distance flights, based on ordinary asteroid. While scientists can only well on this matter, but not build able, technique and science is not yet at the proper level.
In the first phase of the project is the interest of many ore companies reach gold and platinum what is possible in abundance on certain asteroids in the Solar system. The topic is quite serious, at the government level has even developed regulations to regulate such activities. Everything seems ready for production, but the science is a bit behind and to fly to an asteroid or even to find it and bring to the Ground there are neither the technical capabilities nor even a coherent plan. There is only desire, and fantastic self-profiting, when suddenly this wish will come true.
The first and very important reason which is really stops the project, it is the nearest ore asteroid. Experts have calculated and found that the delivery of the probe to the asteroid will already be worth more than it is, there is precious metals. The payback of the project at the lowest level, practically is what a loss all that one way or another with mining on asteroids is associated.
Different companies completely unusual topics put forward for space exploration, a need to perform. Here for example the company Made in Space believes that if the asteroid to drive to the Ground it will be much cheaper than to fly to him and there to extract ore, which again are need to process and deliver on the Ground. If the duck swims to the shore not, then let us coast to the duck push, something is in this spirit that I offer a scientist from Made in Space. To confirm that the idea is not fikcija it was decided to organize a project RAMA (Reconstituting Asteroids into Mechanical Automata). This project will help with the usual asteroid to make a space ship of special purpose.
In the first stage to the desired asteroid off the probe. Probe out there looking for iron and what he needs, and prints on a 3D printer some kind of drive system for asteroid navigation. Next is the asteroid moves to the processing stations and getting to the dock for processing and enrichment. After that, the space probe a 3D printer moves on and finds another asteroid which carries out the same manipulations, and so on and on and on.
Idea engineers from NASA liked it and they decided at the initial stage even the firm proposing the project to Finance 100 you. dollars. What actually happens we don`t know yet, but if something is interesting, we`ll definitely let you know.
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