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How big can a black hole be?

How big can a black hole be? Black holes in the visible Universe are apparently not visible, but this does not bother scientists much, as it turns out until recently it was believed that such objects could not be larger than a certain size, and here's the news, an open black hole destroys all ideas about such compact objects with high density.
In this case, we are talking about an object in the Cygnus X-1 system, there was just a huge black hole, a larger one so far could not be found.
The Cygnus X-1 system was found in 1964, and this system was found only because there was a Geiger counter on board the one launched into space, which recorded the radiation flux from a compact and not too distant star system. The rocket was launched in 1964, in the state of New Mexico, USA.
With this object at the initial stage of its study in the media, a unique dispute between the great minds of our time was revealed. A certain Stephen Hawking claimed that Cygnus X-1 for his reasons is not a black hole and such a thing should not be there in principle! On the contrary, Kip Thorne claimed that this is a huge black hole, and that by all accounts this is it. A bet was made between scientists and the dispute did not find a winner from 1974 until 1990, when a lot of data on Cygnus X-1 was collected, Hawking admitted defeat. So that Hawking does not know everything and is not right in everything, rather he acted on a hunch and on occasion more often guessed than lost....
Recently, this object was studied by a group of scientists using the Very Long Baseline Array telescope, it is just a unique system, it includes 10 receiving dishes, the distributed signal is collected in one place and from this it has an amazing clarity. This unique telescope is located in the United States.
If you look at the same object from different points on the planet Earth, the picture turns out a little different, but in a compartment two, three or more pictures give a more informative signal. By studying the same object from different points, you can determine the distance to the star you are studying with great accuracy. Knowing the angles and distances between the observation points and a few formulas from mathematics, you can calculate with great accuracy the distance to any object under study in deep space, the closer it is, the more accurate the data will be at the output. Scientists had only six days of continuous observation of Cygnus X-1 and a simple comparison of the data obtained with those obtained in 2011 to put forward a new hypothesis on what the object Cygnus X-1 is. First of all, it was reported that Cygnus X-1 is much further from Earth than previously thought, and the black hole itself, which is located in this system, is largely larger in size than previously thought. "A little" is like kraz "A lot", about the error was fixed by 50%. Now, according to more refined data, the black hole in the Cygnus X-1 system is approximately 20 times the mass of the Sun.
In order for such a black star to be born with the parameters known to science, it is necessary that the parent star be many times larger in size than you can imagine. In general, we learned the real size of the black hole and now do not know what to do with a bunch of dropped on the occasion of passing questions...

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