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Auto Elon Musk was out of sight

Auto Elon Musk was out of sight Us company SpaceX last week successfully launched into space the car of the Director Elon musk the Tesla Roadster, started the car for promotional purposes and to test the most powerful rocket the last time the Falcon Heavy. The dummy driving the car was successfully put into the specified orbit and after received the necessary acceleration became a satellite of the Sun. For a while, the car could be seen in ground-based telescopes, but now Tesla Roadster is too far away and it`s practically out of sight.
If you have a desire to see the broadcast of the launch of missiles, it can be viewed in the recording on the website of the Virtual Telescope Project, all for free. Given the parameters of the orbit of the car Elon Musk, it is possible with a fairly good probability to assume that about 2020 the car will be already outside The Martian orbit, past the red planet auto fly at a distance of 7 million km.
The car was used as the required load for the rocket, the Falcon Heavy, SpaceX successful launch created the most powerful rocket in history. After the rocket started Elon Musk admitted that he decided to make a joke and a joke to see succeeded:) Usually in order to check the operation of the rocket into space displays just boobies of metal and concrete. But the machine as it is easier and more interesting, and now many people know about Elon musk, even there are those who are informed about it or what not heard.
The most interesting thing happened a little later, on February 8, astronomers who worked within the framework of the project Virtual Telescope found a flying star in the sky, after calculating its parameters, found out that this is just flying car Tasla, the distance to Tesla Roadster at that time was about 470 thousand kilometers from Earth.
What is most interesting some Russian astronomers why such a start was considered useless and predicted his imminent failure. Like, the Mask car won`t get to Mars, it`ll just be space debris on the way. Believe or not to believe that creates Elon Musk is already the third thing, but the rocket is and it is the most profitable of all proposed in the United States, and this is a huge breakthrough for SpaceX. < h2>Elon Musk launched Tesla into outer space

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