What if the universe is a huge living organism that lives in the same vast universe as he essentially is!

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And so, as it seems to me, we, that is, biological substances are nothing more than parasites on the surface of the living universe. Although the universe is not biological in principle, scientists tend to think that it is an ideal place for the origin and development of living life forms. Anyway, there are a lot of chances to get life in our Universe. Physicists have calculated that there may be many universes and each Has its own physical laws, but only in our universe and in similar Ones, the size of an electron and approximately the same force of gravity, depending on the mass of the object, as it would be necessary for the comfortable conditions of the formation of a living life form. There is no exact size for an electron, but there are some limits to its dimension. If the range is narrow, then it means that the probability that somewhere far away, where such unique Universes are born, they are not born so often. As one might imagine. If it so happened that our universe was born just so unique, then it's not for nothing...
In our Universe, strong and weak interactions are standardized, if they were different and worked differently, then clearly there would be no protein life anywhere. For example, the electrons in the nucleus of an atom are bound by a force that has a value of 0.007. Do you know what this means? This means that if this parameter were one thousandth less, then there would be only one hydrogen in our Universe and nothing more. If there was this parameter for example 0.008, it would not be the universe, but a bunch of planets with stars on the most do not want stuffed with heavy elements.
That so, that so life would not have been able to originate in the usual form for us, as it is. The more complex the system, the more options, in the first case one hydrogen, everything is simple and nothing can be created, in the second case it is also relatively simple, because everywhere there are only heavy elements ...
The force of gravity, the birth of different elements in space and time directly depends on the mass of the fundamental elements, these are the same quarks of different kinds and, of course, the electron, it is simply unique in all respects.
For example, if the smallest quark known to science was, for example, a couple of times larger, then again this would lead to the fact that in our Universe there would be only one hydrogen everywhere. If, for example, we take the UNIVERSE in which the mass of the electron is 2.5 times more than the usual and known, then in such a Universe there would be nothing at all, only neutrinos would fly, and it would be worth forgetting about physical and chemical reactions. The force of attraction, or the force of gravity, is not the largest of the forces of interaction, but even if this parameter were slightly higher, there would be many times more stellar matter, stars would be smaller in size and their life span would be small.
So it turns out that all the laws in our Universe are set up so that in our vast Universe, as in a living organism, life can be born and at the same time flourish and develop. Life would not have been different.
If we take for example and imagine a certain Universe where gravity is slightly lower than in our unique case, then we would see a strange picture at all, if of course we could..

The Living Universe - Documentary about Consciousness and Reality

The stars would have been much larger, they would have been colder, and probably no nebulae at all, the stars would not have exploded as supernovae.
In living organisms, there are many heavy and extremely rare elements, they are just born in the process of a huge supernova explosion, and if stars do not explode, then there are no basic components for the formation of life in protein form.
If all the parameters that our universe has are unique and turned out by chance, then someone magically guessed in the lottery not 5 out of 36, but all 222 out of 22 billion options.
Can this happen at all, is it really a unique universe, maybe you should still think about the fact that this is not unique at all, but a pattern and our universe is not one and it is in fact a large living organism that in its larger Universe also interacts and develops as we do in our much smaller system.
The probability that life will be born in our Universe was calculated by many, but if we consider the option that a living Apple with a probability of 100% appears mold, then if our universe is a huge living organism, its fragments will still be born, all by analogy with fungi on apples in the micro world...

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What if the universe is a huge living organism that lives in the same vast universe as he essentially is!

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