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How does normal fall in the bosom of a Black hole?

How does normal fall in the bosom of a Black hole? There`s probably no more mysterious object in the Universe than a Black hole. Whitefish gravity this is not checked the object such that even single photons can`t escape the boundaries of singularity. There are so many black holes in the visible Universe that it is difficult to calculate them all. There are not big to 10 solar masses, and there are those that contain substances with a total mass of up to a billion solar masses. Typically, super large black holes are located in the Central regions of large galaxies. In our galaxy "milky way" there is also a black hole, it is large, but not so much to consider it super huge with the possibility of existence in the inner space of singularity.
The boundary of the singularity or the event horizon is exactly the trait through which stepping back now dear no. If you find yourself in a singularity, what will you see? Probably you will not see anything, because you tidal forces will tear up long before the approach to the border is not a return. But mathematics is still not appeased and build their model in which they describe the language of all formulas that can they are on the way to meet.
Perhaps it is important to know, there dark or there is light? Physics answer exact I do not know, but thanks to some mathematicians that have calculated and this is something that you can please.
And so, what, for example, can be seen in the Central region of the milky way galaxy? Somewhere continue to look, but I can clearly see that does not happen. The nearest galaxy is the Andromeda Nebula, there is also a black hole in the center of it, but more scientists can not say anything, but far from it.
And so our black hole is an object of unprecedented density called Sagittarius a*. Around it revolves a myriad of stars, the object is not as large as you can imagine, but the mass is not less than 4 million stars like the Sun. Sagittarius a * does not emit a single photon. Everything that scientists know about this whopper, everything is obtained indirectly by analyzing information from the nearest stars to the object. Something strange happens when you accelerate to great speed and fly to a meeting of singularity. All the light from the stars seems to be ahead of you and the sides are pitch black. Crossing the border of the singularity you will not jump back in the same direction. We will be good. In principle it does not matter what power you have on the vehicle the engine if you hit over the threshold of the singularity of a black hole, you or that will not save. Most of all, in this direction, the physicist solved poincaré, he calculated everything as a mathematician and made a century to mankind puzzle in the form of poincaré equation, which no one could solve before 2004. Then, of course, decided, and even a prize to Russian mathematician in the amount of one million was given, but that`s another topic about her, we sometimes talk. So that`s just mathematics and described at an early stage all that a person may expect when crossing the border of singularity. All the conclusions of mathematicians Einstein gathered in a pile, reshuffled, cooked and gave their vision on the theme. May be of interest to the vision, or maybe just albert drank a lot and it as Astapov just suffered....
When you fly on a ship to a black hole and are away from it, you like to fall into a huge funnel in space. The farther away from the black hole, the slope of the funnel is not so steep, the closer, the more it looks like a cliff in space. In principle, this funnel in space there is around any massive object, it depends on the line of its mass. So, as long as you fly to a meeting of a black hole you are overtaken by particles of gas and dust and when all this splendor of universal garbage enters the orbit of a black hole, it begins to spin and heats up to a huge temperature. It is this plasma in orbit that gives light to the black hole and neutron stars at the time when they absorb something from the outside. If there is no absorption, then the black hole just a dark spot in the dark sky. It turns out that that part of the space, which would be darker than dark and there is a singularity, beyond something there, but that there is one God and you know.
Probably not worth thinking what actually a Black hole the same as we see it. When you look at the black hole near it, it will be more like a dark space on the edges of which the visible light is distorted.
Scientists have calculated and found that if you press to the nuclear density of the Earth, it will have a radius of only 1cm.and if you press the Sun to the same density, the result will be an object with a diameter of 3 km. If more and more add mass to the black hole, you can get an object with a diameter as the orbit of Neptune or something similar to the star of Betelgeuse.
All, here you are, already close to the black hole and hit the singularity, then what you get? The black hole will grow in size much faster thanks to the curvature of space. If we argue in line with Einstein, the closer we approach a black hole, the more it will bend space and time. If you know what time it is set next to each other changing events, it turns out that everything will abruptly change, not only to understand in what direction. I`m inclined to believe that time as such, there is an observer and object of observation, so we do not see behind the Black hole and not come up with her explanation, with a high probability in this black hole that does not occur.
You probably know that the term "Black hole" was introduced by physicist John Wheeler (1911-2008), so in his opinion and the opinion of scientists adhering to the anthropic direction in the structure of the Universe, the black hole will actually exist only if there is a real observer. More detail can understand if you take the trouble to study the definition of ""the anthropic principle of communion", so to speak, the concept of building a Universe.
So Wheeler in his theory believed that a Black hole was in an indeterminate state until it is not looked inquisitive mind of man with the makings of the astronomer. Knowing that time is a product of chemical processes in the human brain, I mean it`s just an illusion of our consciousness, and if so then falling into the inner space of the singularity of each observer will see a completely different picture and most interestingly he will not be able to convey to all observers and for this reason, each new observer would be a Black hole to see in a new way. Here is such a here is theory from me personally:))
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