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The knowledge of mankind will be sent to the moon

The knowledge of mankind will be sent to the moon The fact that scientists send their business cards around the world to someone in joy, and who still believes that it is too early to tell the world that humanity is waiting for them to visit. Those who "eat" the same humanity, than those who will decide to grow up the mankind with an opportunity to use for the good purposes will arrive rather. In any case, the fact that scientists have decided to build a 4G network on the moon is already difficult to ignore. Humanity is gradually adapting to the moon. Perhaps this is done for the purpose of advertising of mankind on the biggest Billboard in the County. Probably scientists do not know that aliens, if there are any, it will not be difficult to connect to the world wide web and download all the information on the form from "Wikipedia". Apparently the Wiki itself there is LITTLE or no all that is really available to scientists. On different desire about creation of lunar library it is difficult to justify. Perhaps humanity is looking for an opportunity to leave a mark on future civilizations, this may be necessary if you do not believe in a positive future and prepare for a global military catastrophe. Arch Mission non-profit Association is already so to speak in the subject and is ready to create Lunar Library on the moon. What is there stuffed in the end? By 2020, the moon will have a complete Wikipedia, in English, all printed on special metal plates using laser writing. First, everything will be written on Earth, and then everything will be delivered to the moon and there is well hidden, so well that no one is likely even billions of years this treasure will not find. With a high degree of probability this case is empty and no one needs it. Nickel was used as the material for the plates. Scientists have decided to fill the entire Solar system with their artifacts for the glory of future civilizations. Everything will be so to speak encrypted and written, and read everything can only be that civilization, which in one way or another degree will reach a certain level of development. Digital drives in this case are not cost-effective. It is still subject to aging and destruction, but the thin Nickel squares with engraving will exist forever, although the Nickel sheet itself will be only as thick as a human hair. In encrypted form on such a box can be written about 16 thousand pages of ordinary book form. If you take a microscope and increase everything in 1000 times, then everything can be read without any problems and on such a small square of Nickel. The Lunar library will eventually have about 50 million full-length pages of printed text. In addition to the moon archives with the data will also be sent to Mars, everything will be done in order to keep about yourself at least some information in the century and for future civilizations. On Earth previously lived not one civilization and it also left apparently something similar to Nickel plates, but they have so far no one found, and probably never find. So what scientists are doing is nothing more than a game and a desire to amuse their ego.
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