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The TESS orbital telescope took its first photo, capturing about 200,000 stars in one shot!

The TESS orbital telescope took its first photo, capturing about 200,000 stars in one shot! The telescope was successfully put into orbit and he has even sent the first photos of distant star systems. In one frame fit about 200 thousand stars. This is not a working picture, it`s just a test solution, which was tested during the period when the telescope flew around the moon on its way to the installation point. The telescope itself consists of a set of matrices, in this case, the photo was taken by one of the matrices, which captures an area of 24×24. The sensor detects radiation in the visible spectrum and thermal infrared. The photo was taken in the direction of the southern constellation of Centauri. The first photo clearly shows the star Hadar or β Centauri, it can be seen well only because it is a bright blue giant. This uniquely bright star is from the observer in 526 light-years. In the area of the photo is such klaptik where stars are few, it is to say the region of the sky called the "Coal sack" near the southern Cross constellation, the whole area is nothing but a nebula of gas, which disrupts a distant star.
While the satellite with cameras flew at a distance of 8000 thousand km from the moon, this path is not chosen by chance, the telescope will be put in a very high and elongated orbit. The final stage of the transition to the staging orbit will begin on may 30.
TESS is a telescope that is designed to observe distant and possibly habitable worlds. The first pictures of distant planets may appear in scientists in early June. Launched this miracle telescope forces the American industrial complex, with a military base at Cape Canaveral in Florida. In orbit the rocket Elon musk Falcon 9 launch vehicle. It would not have said that the US is not their rockets and their engines, yet NASA displays forces SpaceX, and displays quite well! In the US, everything is, but not everyone wants to see it! Successful and wealthy, or when... or OSCE... other than that humanity has not yet come up with:) soon, thanks to NASA and this fashionable telescope, the scientific world will look even further into the depths of space and know perhaps the next page of the book of the universe.
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