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Under the surface of Pluto can be a lot of water

Under the surface of Pluto can be a lot of water The planet Pluto is very far away, something intelligible in this part of space sushi to say goodbye even NASA scientists can`t, although they have a lot more different instruments for the observations than the scientists from Russia.
There is speculation, however, that under the surface (the surface on Pluto is a solid ice cap), there is a big ocean. The ocean is apparently not under the entire surface, namely, there where constantly glancing moon Charon. Scientists I can`t say exactly about where and how many under the water surface, but investigating the data from the New Horizons mission, managed something to consider. All probably happened because the probe as close as possible flew to the planet Pluto. Now the probe flies away from Pluto and is already at a distance of 587 km, it flies farther to the outskirts of the Solar system.
The map of Pluto is the area of the "Heart of Pluto", so in this area and found the pool diameters 965 km, this district is very evenly proportioned, call it "Plain Satellite" in honor of the flight of Sputnik in 1957 (USSR).
Tidal axis on Pluto just runs through the plain of the Satellite, but a very strange coincidence. Scientists have wondered and have come to the conclusion that this is clearly not a coincidence, with high probability it can be argued that under the plain of the ocean is nitrogen, the frozen nitrogen there is apparently a lot and he lurks somewhere deep beneath the surface. Perhaps because of the tidal forces of the ocean somewhere deep and not quite frozen, so it is likely that the ocean in the usual sense there, but not from water, and nitrogen. Other scientists believe that the ocean is not out of nitrogen, where under nitrous crust hides, in the full sense of the word antifreeze, that is a lot of liquid such as "Antifreeze", but it consists not of the usual components and ammonia, and water. If the hypothesis of a subsurface ocean is correct, then other such worlds is something like expect the same. In the Kuiper belt large objects like Pluto a lot of them will also be interesting to study, because the ocean of water and ammonia is a very touchy subject:)
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