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Where is the nearest Super big Land?

Where is the nearest Super big Land? Scientists are not appeased, trying to find somewhere suitable for the settlement of the planet periods in the network skips the news about new discoveries in this direction. Recently, scientists something unique considered in the near space. This time they were able to see the planet in 5.4 times larger than our Earth, the discovery was made by astrophysics of the Canary Institute of astrophysics and the University of La Laguna (Spain). Planet of the directories listed as the object of the GJ 536 b, this planet probably for life still does not fit, because it is mass in 5 times more than our Land - the usual Super big Land. Though the planet and for some parameters, and similar to our Earth, but to reach it will be extremely difficult, as it is located at a distance of 32 light years. The planet found orbiting the star GJ 536, and was interested in it because is in a zone favorable for habitation protein life. The planet rotates very close to the cold red Dwarf, makes a full rotation in only 8.7 days. Scientists believe that this planet may that has an atmosphere, and in the near future, scientists will investigate. The star GJ 536 also, there are peaks and spikes in activity, yet determined cycle between them and it is equal 3 years. The system is large, but the other planets orbiting the star GJ 536 yet was found. Perhaps there something else that is more suitable for settlement, but so far scientists can tell exactly or what they can not, they are in search of. If you talk to operate on analogies, it is possible that there are a couple or a single rocky planet, the fact is that there are systems in which a single rocky planet, such systems are very few. Rocky planets can be at close orbits, and so far, everything is so to say dependent on the brightness of the star and latitude of the zone of life on the periphery of this star. Scientists have found a planet, everyone was told about it, and know about her only that she is:))) Soon, probably by the transit method will determine its diameter, calculate the weight and the force of gravity, and only then we can start talking about the habitability of that distant world, and while you can read the flight of dunno on the moon and the greater the benefit.
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