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Is it possible to count all the galaxies in the Universe?

Is it possible to count all the galaxies in the Universe? From year to year, astronomers increasingly improved vision, more powerful telescopes, the probes are more sensitive, for this reason, different quantitative parameters about our Universe are constantly evolving. I recently discovered how not previously known region in the distant space, where there were very very many galaxies, you need to look in the direction of the constellation of the Sail. To watch it, but the fog in the lens of an ordinary Amateur telescope you will not see any of that.
What scientists saw was open to the use of very large and sensitive instruments, an open cluster dubbed "Cluster Led". Scientists believe that the mass of all open galaxy can even compete with the local group of galaxies, moreover, they actively influence our local group of galaxies with its gravity. A new component in the causal field that affects the motion of our galaxy is a pretty good start in the future to determine the causes of fluctuations in the speed of our galaxy relative to the cosmic microwave radiation (background radiation).
Whether this accumulation? The accumulation of definitely great, it is from one end to the other extends as much as 200 million light-years. This is exactly the biggest known cluster of galaxies, in the second place, the accumulation of Shapley, it is at a distance of 650 million light years from Earth and encloses up to 25 different smaller clusters of galaxies. The Led cluster is 200 million light years away, and it included significantly more galaxies.
Probably all will try to ask why scientists did not find a cluster of Led?
The answer is very simple because could not, and because it is a cluster outside the plane of our galaxy in the fog of dust and gases. To explore a hundred in the wrong direction very, very problematic. Scientists saw something, but can`t yet count, but there is speculation that a cluster of galaxies Led more than a cluster Shapley several times. If so, the amount of matter in the vicinity of the milky way must be very hard to affect the speed and trajectory of movement in the Universe, of our solar system.
In the direction of the constellation Sail for the first time began to see in 2012 using a powerful telescope SALT, it is in South Africa. Then managed to see 8 large clusters of galaxies. A little later also sent a telescope AAT (Large Anglo-Australian telescope), and saw that the accumulation of a huge scale. Scientists managed to find just a few huge clusters of galaxies, not far from these clusters katsarov another and another and another. It would be possible to consider, if not star dust in the way of informative radiation. In the near future, scientists plan to use the telescope MeerKATM, this device is clearly more powerful than all previously used and discoveries will be probably even more. Let`s wait and see:)
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