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Even Canada is going to launch its rover to the moon soon!

Even Canada is going to launch its rover to the moon soon! First, the United States, then China, sent their mobile modules to the Moon this millennium, and now even Canada is going to repeat and possibly multiply the experience of colleagues in the shop. I wonder where the Russian module is?
Canada itself is probably not so strong in space technology and therefore decided to build its lunar rover together with NASA engineers. If there is enough money and the next crisis with the crown does not come, then the probability of this ambitious plan is very high, it is more likely to strive for unity than for something else:)
According to the development team, the project will be implemented around the first decade of 2026, so at least the press writes and it is echoed by competent ministers. The lunar rover will not be as complex as the ones that NASA sent on a long flight on Mars, but still there will be scientific instruments on board. One scientific instrument will be developed for the mission at NASA, and the other will be developed in Canada. Everything will be done in order to collect data on the surface of the Moon as fully as possible, so they write about the purpose of creating this mission.
At this time, there is only a desire to create and finance, a competition will soon be held and the best projects for exploring the Moon will be selected. Two companies will be selected in the topic, both will be Canadian. Other companies that are also developing projects to study the Moon in the near future are just as likely to reach the satellite and will also be implemented adjusted for time. As part of the Lunar Exploration Accelerator Program (CSA), some experiments will be conducted on the surface of the satellite as early as in 2022. A computer with AI on board and a module of high-quality photo cameras (Canadensys) will be delivered to the moon. The company NGC Aerospace Ltd is also working in the topic, it is developing a special lunar positioning system. In order for all the modules to work out as successfully as possible, they will soon be sent to the Moon on board a Japanese rocket in the kit of the HAKUTO-R module, which was developed in Japan on the basis of the ispace company.
The Japanese are clearly happy that they were entrusted with the delivery of equipment to the Moon and apparently not so easy, the project itself costs a lot of money. If successful, the Japanese space company will perform quite well in the North American market. Together with the equipment of Canada on board the Japanese rocket will fly to the Moon and the lunar rover developed by engineers of the United Arab Emirates, this is not a big, but a smart engineering solution in the form of a rover with all-wheel drive. Also, a robot weighing 10 kg, which the engineers dubbed "Rashid", will go to the Moon in this batch.
At this time, Toyota plants are building a modern rover for trips on the Moon, and for successful design, some experiments are needed in space under the conditions of the Moon, which is exactly what JAXA is going to do on the Moon as part of the Lunar Cruiser project.
Canada is clearly not limited to building its own rover for the Moon, the team of engineers is also working within the framework of the NASA-Artemis project. Canada is developing a special robot manipulator Gateway, which will be used on the first lunar orbital station. So that the whole world is building something on the Moon, only those who have no money and desire do not participate in this ambitious project.

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