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Elon Musk buried Google's Loon project

Elon Musk buried Google's Loon project No matter what Google says about its" successful " project called Loon, it has come to a logical end. In principle, the topic is interesting and could well pay for itself, if of course not Elon Musk with his space Internet, which turns out to be many times cooler and more accessible than the Loon version from the same Google .
Engineers from Google developed the ability to broadcast the Internet to African countries using balloons, the topic probably would have been in demand if it had been implemented like that in 2000, but now it completely sucks and for this reason Google is closing the project. Such positive news was reported in Google on January 21, 2021, oh, how joyful and how symbolic! The era of fragmentation and the collapse of the great Google empire begins. Google engineers, as it turns out, stick their noses everywhere, but they don't always manage to take a bite out of the profitable pie. Having outlined the positions back in 2012, Google thought. That this project will pay off, but it has been 8 years, and the project has not developed. There are probably many reasons, Google realized that they were sitting in the wrong car and gradually curtailed the project, and there was no hype from the very beginning, apparently because not to bring down the company's shares, because if the project starts and immediately closes, then either the management does not think in the right direction, or the reason is something else.
You will believe that Google has achieved revolutionary technologies in the Loon project, I personally do not believe, but the newspapers that live on advertising write just the opposite. According to Google, everything is super, 9 years are not wasted.. The company has been successfully launching balloons for all these 9 years! Probably it is not necessary to describe the exculpatory fables of managers because of a large puddle, everything is clear. The project is unprofitable, because the topic is not relevant.
I think that communication by means of balloons would have been relevant in the last century, since even then everything could be realized. The balloon as a conventional cellular umbrella cell will cover a large area of the planet's surface and could largely allow for a reduction in the price of the communication itself in hard-to-reach regions of the planet. The money invested in the Loon project was clearly not for development, but in order to simply be! Only in 2020, somewhere in Kenya, a project was launched and there were 35 balloons flying over a huge area. Apparently, they launched the project and realized that it was of little use, and the money was wasted.
I wonder how much investment we can talk about, how much investor money Google and its subsidiaries have flushed down the toilet. Money at the initial stage of the project was clearly plentiful, but then, in view of the complete uncertainty, it gradually dried up to zero and the project collapsed.
The total amount of funds spent is difficult to determine, but only at the end of 2019, approximately 125 million were spent from the SoftBank fund.
I think that it would be possible to tell more about the HAPS project itself, but there is no sense in it, some of the developments that were born during the experiments with balloons will clearly find application somewhere else and partially recoup the costs, but most of the money and time was still spent in vain.

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