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Meteorite from Mars-a MESSENGER of past life!

Meteorite from Mars-a MESSENGER of past life! In the Sands of a God-forsaken desert in far-off Africa, a scientist accidentally discovered a small fragment of a meteorite, a detailed study of a piece of stellar rock reported a lot of interesting things.
It turned out that a piece of rock, which by all markers belongs to Mars, was interspersed with water. The water as it appeared roughly 4.4 billion years ago. One way or another, but the news was written in the scientific journal Science Advances.if you want, you can always find the full article, study it and decide on an opinion... The meteorite from Mars was named "Object-NWA 7533", it was unearthed by the natives, the inhabitants of the desert in the distant after the crisis of 2012. It is difficult to make a mistake with conclusions, because obvious signs of oxidation were found on the material, this oxidation could lead to the formation of water.
SCIENCE has previously assumed that water on Mars was and is already about 3.7 billion years old. Now the bar moves another 700 thousand years ago, that is, water on Mars appeared even earlier.
A piece of meteorite could only be oxidized if something large hit the surface of Mars about 4.4 billion years ago. A strong impact broke through the crust and magma poured out on the surface mixed with water it froze and may have been an explosive explosion thrown somewhere into space. Flew that way a few million or more such an apocalyptic block and got on the table to scientists:)) from the University of Tokyo.
Moreover, primitive life forms are not only possible on Mars, they probably were or even are on Venus. You can also search on the moons of Jupiter. In General, where there is water, there is an opportunity to find something interesting in frozen form. By the way, more and more scientists are inclined to believe that something is crawling in the photo from VENUS… At the end of October 2020, an outstanding theorist of the unknowable and non-existent, a scientist named Anatoly Petrukovich confirmed such hypotheses, according to his version, something may live in the atmosphere. Moreover, something can certainly be found in the ice caps on Mars, of course you need to look well. In General, ANATOLY SLEEPS and SEES that the Solar system is dotted with pockets of life, although finding these same pockets of past life is a great work and so far without results, but the search clearly will not stop in any weather:)) In order for something protein to be born, you only need a little, gravity in the right amount, heat and water… Venus was once a "Russian" planet in the distant past, but now it has clearly become an international object, because this acidic planet is actively studied by the rest of the world.
Anatoly Petrukovich believes that you need to pay close attention to Venus, it is too mysterious object.
This amazing scientist believes that in order for something to be born somewhere on Venus, you need to at least find a place with a stable water temperature, and any energy sources nearby.
With such parameters, there are not so few places in the Solar system.. Such secret corners can be somewhere deep under the thick ice cap on the moons of Jupiter. Or somewhere in the thickness or under the ice cap on Mars.
This amazing scientist believes that you should not give up and give up searching for microbes in the Solar system, you need to spend money and spend more and more and the result will always be certain, since life easily fills in our Universe those places where there is an opportunity to reproduce and share.
If at some stage another form of life is found somewhere in the Solar system, the discovery will pay for all previously made investments.
It may happen that Roscosmos will look for the groundskeepers and collect money for a "Flying samovar", which may be sent to Venus in order to confirm that it is still a Russian planet 100%. Moreover, the fact that there is phosphine on Venus plays into the hands of those who are in favor of such a mission. Phosphine as it turns out is an indirect warning that there was once biological life.

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