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Arab scholars made it to Mars

Arab scholars made it to Mars In our time, it is not necessary to raise scientific personnel at home, it is enough to have money and in this case you will create and develop anything under the order, even the very probe "HOPE", which has successfully reached the orbit of Mars and is already there plowing studying everything that is conceived.
The space history for the United Arab Emirates began this year on February 9, and any Arab country could have achieved the same success if it had been willing. Why isn't Qatar building space rockets? Maybe it's not time yet, or maybe he's busy with something more interesting, but in any case, only the UAE did not get greedy and decided to put a certain small amount of money in the space direction. In the Arab world, there is now only one country that has its own probe in the orbit of a distant planet, which is very cool, Russia, for example, does not have such a privilege, although it is strange why? The aura of the spaceship, which was made by foreigners for the Arab sheikh, can be seen at the most advanced level, because everything went without any problems, even putting it into Martian orbit occurred on the first attempt.
In Arabic, the probe is called "Al-Amal", in Russian, "Nadezhda" successfully entered orbit in automatic mode, the engines slowed down the probe for only 27 minutes. On the first attempt, the probe was placed in an orbit that will allow the probe to fly around the orbit making a full orbit in just 40 hours. At its lowest point, the probe flies at an altitude of 1,000 km, and at its farthest point at a distance of 49380 km from the planet's surface.
The probe is controlled by scientists at the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center, while the probe was placed into orbit in automatic mode, no one could interfere with this process, at this stage it is assumed that scientists can only observe, it is too far away from the object, and the operation itself is too complex.
When approaching Mars, the Arab probe was forced to turn on the engines at exactly the right time to brake, if the time is not guessed, the probe may spend many times more fuel or even not be able to brake at all. It is for this reason that we decided to give such a complex process to the AI, it worked out at the proper level, evaluating exactly all the basic parameters and started the engines exactly when the situation required it. Now the probe has been captured by the gravity of Mars and is already flying as a satellite of Mars, and not as a lone space probe in the vast space far from the world.
During the braking process, the probe spent almost half of all the fuel that was on board, scientists believe that the engine burned at least 400 liters of fuel in 27 minutes.
In the next three months, the space probe will gradually stabilize its orbit to the parameters that were initially determined as optimal the minimum altitude is 22,000 and the maximum altitude is 43,000 km.
It seems from the outside that putting a probe into the right orbit at such a distance is not so difficult, but it is not quite so simple. It would be simple Russia would have a couple of dozen probes in the orbit of Mars:) In manual mode, it is not possible to control such a complex process as putting the spacecraft into orbit due to the time delay for the signal to pass to the probe and back. The process itself turns out to be complex and in the entire history of flights to Mars, almost half of the probes did not reach the desired orbit.
So far, from the first attempt to Mars, only the devices of India and the United Arab Emirates have entered orbit, the rest have tried more than once, and some are trying unsuccessfully to this day.
The fact that the AOE probe reached Mars is primarily the merit of the Americans and Europeans, and the laurels are reaped as if by the Arabs. Soon everyone will know who made the satellite, but everyone will remember whose it is and who ordered the research. Scientists plan that the probe "Hope" will fly in the orbit of Mars for about one Martian year, and this is not a lot and not a little about 4 earth years, or more precisely, 1374 earth days. Do not forget that the probe can work longer while flying in orbit, everything will work as long as there is fuel and the ability to work in the probe circuit itself. The margin of safety in this regard is far from three earth years, and maybe much more, which we all expect with great desire.

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