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The next discovery of astronomers-super Earth Gliese 740

The next discovery of astronomers-super Earth Gliese 740 Astronomers in the United States and Europe do not cease to delight the world with their new discoveries, since they have everything they need to make them. Recently, for example, a joint team of scientists from Germany, Italy and Spain accidentally discovered a very large planet with a rocky surface in the orbit of the red dwarf Gliese 740. Although Gliese 740 is a red dwarf, but by all accounts it is an M1-class star and it glows very brightly. Although the star is located at a distance of 36 light-years from the Earth observer, it is very clearly visible in the telescope, the observation should be conducted in the direction of the constellation of the Serpent.
This unique star is watched by many, it appears in all atlases and catalogs, it can be found by various names - GJ 740, HD 176029, LHS 470 and TYC 461-366-1. Although it is a bright star, it is slightly smaller than the Sun, and the Sun is usually seen from the orbit of Neptune as a very dim star, and given the fact that in our case the star is very far away, you can only see it with a good telescope. According to astronomers, red dwarfs are very widely represented in our Galaxy, but for some reason not so many planets have been found on their outskirts, if in percent, then no more than 10% of the total number of discovered exoplanets.
Perhaps it would be wise to pay more attention to this kind of star and what revolves around them, because there are many red dwarfs, the habitable zone of such stars is not far away, so usually if there is a planet, it is very likely to fall into a zone with a pleasant temperature for habitation. It is quite possible to find more than one planet with a temperate climate.
On the other hand, with the usual methods of searching for exoplanets, there is a huge probability of making a mistake when analyzing the data, because red dwarfs have planets very close to the star and there may be errors in identification, the star itself may produce interference during rotation and the analysis will already be erroneous.
Although it is difficult to find a red dwarf planet, but scientists still managed to find it at Gliese 740, its name is now Gliese 740b. Scientists working in the HADES program (HArps-n red Dwarf Exoplanet Survey) managed to find such an interesting object.
As part of this program, this star was observed for about 6 years using the HARPS-N spectrometer, which stands on the telescope of the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory in Spain.
Along the way, the astronomers also received 32 spectra of the CARMENES instrument, which is located at the Calar Alto observatory. As a result, using data from two sources, scientists came to the conclusion that Gliese 740b is quite real and the planet is quite large, about three times the size of our Earth. The day on Gliese 740b is very long, about 2.4 earth days, although the distance to the star is only 0.03 AU. There is a planet nearby, but it is not in the habitable zone, so there can be no question of any life in this distant World. On the surface of Gliese 740b it is very hot, hotter than even on Venus, about 556 degrees Celsius. The orbit of Gliese 740b is not so stable, there is an assumption that there is somewhere nearby there is one large super planet, something similar to our Saturn in mass. So far, this second planet has not been found by astronomers, but mathematicians have already seen it in their calculations...

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