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Massive black hole in the Cygnus X-1 system (Cygnus X-1)

Massive black hole in the Cygnus X-1 system (Cygnus X-1) Black holes are found much more often than expected, these objects with high density are also in the bases of galaxies, they are also among the lone stationary stars, there are even such black holes that as a result of some cataclysm received an impulse to move and fly through the Universe devouring everything that comes along the way and everything that can be absorbed.
There is no point in discussing all black holes, but the one I will tell you about should be separately disassembled by cogs, it at least deserves it. First, when astronomers saw this unique object, they at least thought about it and the question arose in their minds: "How much do scientists know about black holes?", so mysterious at first glance was this unique black hole, by the way, it was discovered back in 1964 and has been constantly studied ever since.
Many scientific journals write about this black hole, most of the information can be learned by studying everything that is, but if you do not want to read a lot, then read what I write to you or what is in short form in the scientific journal Science.
And so, in many catalogs, this black hole or where it is located is designated as the place of Cygnus X-1 (Cygnus X-1), this is according to scientists the place where you can find a very large black hole of stellar mass. They say that there is simply no more, but it seems to me that the search is bad:)
The main feature of the Cygnus X-1 black hole is that. That it is quite close to our cosmic home.
Even myths in the scientific world are associated with this black hole, when even some two physicists, who will soon be forgotten, argued about what it really is. Times are passing, Stephen Hawking and Kip Thornom will soon be forgotten, but the black hole will still hang in the Cygnus X-1 system (Cygnus X-1), delighting future generations in which their own unique physicists will be born and who will not know anything about our science fiction physicists from their own distant world of non-objective science.
As it is not cool, and astronomers do not find a place for themselves and are looking for more and more high-definition images of this object, in their last survey they used a satellite with an antenna as a whole continent, just on a huge area radio receiving dishes of telescopes were involved. All the dishes in the vast United States, if possible, were directed at the same time at this amazing object.
The whole point is that the scientific community wanted to know more precisely the distance between the Earth and Cygnus X-1 (Cygnus X-1), from the mathematical theorem about triangles and angles between them, you can, in principle, not so accurately learn everything you need.
As it is not difficult to notice, but this conclusion was reached not by a student of the 5th grade from the Soviet school, but by a certain doc professor James Miller-Jones from Curtin University.
And now the scientists have corrected themselves for our money:)) It turned out according to new data that Cygnus X-1 (Cygnus X-1), is at least 20% further than the previously designated distance. Moreover, it has now been accurately determined* that this high-density stellar object is 21 times the mass of the Sun. This is like a record value in the world of black holes.
How was everything received? Scientists tuned many antennas to the black hole and observed it during its full orbit. A similar observation was also made in 2011 and the usual comparison revealed a number of inaccuracies. And now it is more likely to say that the black hole Cygnus X-1 (Cygnus X-1), much further away from us and more heavy. On the one hand, everything seems to be great, but the fact that the black hole is so large raises many questions about how it was formed? If this is not a uniqueness, but a regularity, then how it is implemented is not yet known to science.
Previously assumed. That this black hole was once a large star about 60 times the size of the Sun, then the explosion and compression of the core and here you have a black object. Once there was a binary star system, of which there are many times more than single stars an indisputable fact. Now it is again a binary system, but already in a pair there is an ordinary star and a black hole, which is as massive as 20 of our Suns. By the way, it was previously thought that Cygnus X-1 (Cygnus X-1), at least half the mass, that is, no more than 25 times the mass of the Sun. But the days go by and scientists get smarter:)) And here you have new data, although they can not be called new, but they look like a uniqueness that should not be in nature....

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