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The team of the Perseverance rover can only be praised for a successful landing

The team of the Perseverance rover can only be praised for a successful landing It would be interesting to see the very process of landing on the ropes of the rover being lowered from the landing platform, before everyone had time to dream about this, the first videos appeared on the network and they turn out to very well reflect the very picture of the landing of a unique device. I don't know about everything, but I really liked the photos, for the first time I managed to see something qualitatively and very quickly.
The team of the Perseverance rover works very smoothly and quickly, all new photos get to the review very quickly.
I don't know how the rovers landed on the surface of Mars before, but the fact that in the case of Perseverance everything was shown very clearly. This can not but rejoice. The landing itself is clearly visible in the photo, you can see everything down to the smallest detail.
We launched the rover in automatic mode, it worked very successfully all the milestones of landing and is already preparing for a jerk on the primer of the Martian surface.
The Perseverance rover is equipped with everything necessary to search for extraterrestrial life on Mars, according to all the data previously available to scientists, life once existed on Mars and apparently someone wants to make sure of this. The second and no less main task of the Perseverance rover will be to collect soil in different areas of Mars in the course of its movement. A kind of surface exploration will help in the future to learn more about the geology of the area where Perseverance landed. The soil will be collected, packed, and eventually returned to the Ground for further study.
Most of all, I probably liked the fact that NASA on the Perseverance mission did not save as much as 25 photo cameras, the rover sees perfectly in all directions in all directions, it can take high-quality photos of everything that comes along the way. In addition, if something nearby makes sounds, then there are a couple of microphones on board and they will of course record the sounds for future transcripts.
The first images of the rover showed it in good quality at a height of only two meters above the surface. The rover was lowered to the surface on cables, the descent was made gently without any damage all this is visible in the photo and video.
Probably soon, in addition to video materials about the landing of Perseverance in NASA, of course, I will also show an audio file. It would be interesting to listen to the sounds of Mars while descending on the Perseverance cables.
So far, the rover is standing on the surface and is not going in any direction, it is standing in the Jezero crater and waiting for the command to move, which of course will be given, but first all the systems and the device will be checked, calibrated and restarted. Everything will take about 7 days. The place where the rover is now, scientists compare with the place where streams once flowed and there was a lot of water, but it was apparently very, very long ago. It is in this lagoon, according to scientists, that you can find stones with inclusions of some micro-organisms. We can only believe in success and wait for ready-made video and photo materials.

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