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Is there life on Venus or Jupiter?

Is there life on Venus or Jupiter? If you think like a grandmother on a bench, then it is impossible to live on Venus and Jupiter, but if you think sensibly, then life in the usual protein state may well be detected somewhere in the cloud layer. Basically, astrobiologists are looking for life on other planets similar in most parameters to our Earth. But if, for example, a planet comes across that is similar in its parameters to Venus or Jupiter, then it is immediately rejected as a potentially possible environment for life.
After thinking about it, the scientific community came to the conclusion that life in principle can be anywhere and significantly expanded their search. It turns out that a conscious nature could have been born on any of the planets in the Solar System at some time. If you take the most favorable place nearby, then this is of course Mars. There may also be microbes on Venus, but they are not on the surface, but in the uppermost and rather dense cloud layers. Something similar can be on Jupiter.
Usually they are looking for signs by which a particular planet falls into the category of potentially habitable worlds. It can be and in part it should be so, the presence of water, warm weather and at least the absence of a number of harmful factors. German and English scientists went further and decided to fantasize about other possible variations of the manifestation of living entities on seemingly completely unprepared planets. And it turns out that water is not the most important source that determines the presence of possible life on the planet. The probability of the appearance of life depends more on the presence of water in the atmosphere than on the presence of seas and oceans on the surface of the planets. If the stormy imagination of German scientists is developed to sky-high heights, it will even turn out that in the atmosphere of such planets as Jupiter and Venus, any kind of life may well be born! More details about what came to the scientists 'minds can be read and possibly understood from the article entitled" The influence of water in the atmosphere on the habitability of Venus and other planets", it was published in the journal Nature Astronomy. In general, as you can understand from what has been written, the topic involves calculations by scientists from England, Germany and even some from NASA managed to cram something into the topic, which somehow looks strange...
If you follow the calculations of scientists, you probably remember that a few months ago it was published in the press that phosphine was found in the clouds of Venus, now Venus is being studied with great zeal. The first calculations lead to the idea that at least microbes once lived in the clouds on Venus. Now everything is a little different, something like this can't happen just because the clouds of Venus have nothing to do with water.. The calculation of water in the atmosphere of planets is carried out according to the Hallsworth method, which in principle is not true in the last instance, but just an option to count something. If we apply this method to the Venusian atmosphere and calculate water there at a temperature of 30 to 80C at an echelon 50 km from the surface of the planet,then there is water about about 0.002% of the volume of the atmosphere. So it turns out that there is so little water in the atmosphere of Venus that no living creature can appear there with all the desire of the scientific community.
If the same method is applied to the cloud environment of Jupiter, then the indicators are much more optimistic. After calculating and searching, we found such a place, it is located at an altitude of more than 320 km above the surface. There, the temperature seems to be stable all the time of the Jovian annual cycle. There is also plenty of water in the clouds for everyone! Apparently, since everything is really like this, it is worth waiting for the next probe to fly to Jupiter in the near future to search for life in the cloud layers of the gas giant. It is good if positive results are obtained...

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