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What do scientists know about the properties of Planet X?

What do scientists know about the properties of Planet X? It is assumed that a certain planet X is located on the outer border of the Solar system, there is not so much data, but you can already safely build a mathematical model and draw output data with buckets. Scientists at the University of Bern have modeled a similar planet and according to their conclusions, Planet X has approximately reached a size larger than our house "Earth" by 3.7 times! The planet is not a cold piece of ice at all, it is heated to a temperature of 226 degrees Celsius. Good! If there is a planet and it is warm, then how bright does it glow in the night sky? If it is so hot, then it will be possible to see it in an infrared telescope being a resident of the planet Earth..
When building a mathematical model, the very developers of this theory asked such questions. As a result, it turned out differently, there were no fewer questions, and the answers turned out to be not quite accurate.
If scientists are looking for something on the outskirts of the Solar System, then with a 100% probability they know what they are doing, we may not know about any indirect manifestations of the influence of this mysterious planet, but scientists know all this and very well understand that there is something somewhere that changes the trajectories affects the orbits. At some stage, the answer will still be found, if you believe that planet X is somewhere, then according to the laws of the universe, it will definitely appear and be discovered as a certain object of large mass on the periphery of the standard Solar system.
Astronomers scratching their heads gave out a lot of interesting things in an article in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics, if there is a desire, you can study their fantastic work:) In short, planet X, according to their version, is the same Uranus, but perhaps a little smaller in size. Perhaps this is some kind of ice block with a shell of hydrogen and possibly helium. To believe it or not to believe it is already the third thing, as it seems to me, in the Swiss National Science Foundation Planets In Time and the National Center for Scientific Research we decided to order such a study, then they developed it, there is money, the work is done. What actually happens and where it flies is clearly the fourth thing. Go check it out...
The article writes in black and white that planet X, if there is one, has a mass 10 times greater than that of the Earth, in diameter it is an object of 3.7 Earth radii and to all the buns it is still very hot there, as much as 226 degrees Celsius. Probably there is a quiet nuclear reaction going on in the planetary thickness, the planet is heating up, not cooling down. In an infrared telescope, the planet will clearly be visible, but the telescope must be of good quality and at a higher price:) If the planet " X " has not yet been really found, then it has already been well described on paper and now it is far-fetched that it may not be realized, but in the near future it is clearly being realized on the outskirts of the Solar System. While we are not looking at the object, it is as if it is not there for us, as soon as we look at it, it already exists.

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