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The Hubble Telescope, galaxy NGC 3254, distinguished itself again

The Hubble Telescope, galaxy NGC 3254, distinguished itself again Many people do not rightly believe that the Hubble telescope is an outdated trough, in fact, although the telescope is rather battered by time and has not been properly repaired, it still sometimes takes high-quality images in free swimming. Recently, photos of the distant galaxy NGC 3254 appeared on the network, the authorship under the image is "Hubble".
There is no complete photo of the spiral galaxy NGC 3254 yet, but the telescope has partially photographed this distant star system in good quality.
This time, it will take 118 million years to fly to the object of observation at the speed of light. Not so far away... Isn't that right? How to go to the store... It is worth looking for this amazing star cluster in the direction of the constellation of the Lesser Lion.
In other sources, such an object is described as a galaxy-IRAS 10265 + 2944, LEDA 30895 and UGC 5685. An astronomer from England by the name of Herschel found these star nurseries, this event took place on March 13, 1785. Next to this amazing galaxy there are several more, in general, this entire group of galaxies is referred to as the object NGC 3254 (NGC 3245, NGC 3265, etc.). It is not difficult to notice that the object has a spiral structure, it is an ordinary spiral galaxy.
The galaxy NGC 3254 is considered to be a cluster with an active center, so much energy is released from the core of this galaxy that the rest of the galaxy may well compete in its power. Such interesting galaxies are also called Seyfert galaxies, such galaxies are about 10% of the found cluster. These are active galaxies, so to speak, there is a huge black hole in the central region, which absorbs dust and gas from neighboring stars, releasing enormous heat and light flux.
Sometimes there is also an active process in the central region of the galaxy. But there is not a black hole there, but a hot and bright quasar.
If you look at such active galactic nuclei in the infrared range, you can see a solid red spot, activity clearly prevails there. The core of the galaxy shines brightly in different ranges and at different wavelengths of radiation, so if you want to see this magnificent picture in real dynamics, you need at least to have your own Hubble-type telescope.

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