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Super big star VY Big Dog hides behind clouds of dust and gas

Super big star VY Big Dog hides behind clouds of dust and gas Stars like giant stoves not only shine brightly, but also smoke thickly! It is only the blue stars that shine brightly and their strong stellar wind blows up clouds of soot and various gases, the rest of the stars are not so lucky and they mostly vegetate in a thick fog of dust and gases.
In support of the hypothesis, scientists decided to give the story of a very large star VY of the Big Dog, which at some stage began to darken... The object was sent a powerful Hubble telescope, which has already developed all the resources, but still to some extent can be useful. The telescope saw the very cause of the dimming of the VY of the Big Dog.
The star VY of the Big Dog is located at a distance of 3840 light-years from Earth, you need to look in the direction of the constellation of the Big Dog.
You can find out about this unique star in some sources as an object - VY CMa, HD 58061 or HIP 35793, it all depends on what kind of catalog and where it was created. In size, it is not just a star, it is a very large object with a mass of 35 Suns, the brightness of this star is about 300 thousand times higher than that of the same Sun. If we take the dimensions and tangible parameters, then VY CMa is about 1420 times larger if you look at the star and compare it with the Sun. The star is so large that its outskirts would be somewhere in the area of the orbit of Saturn, if, of course, God forbid it teleported and ended up in the place of our Sun.
HIP 35793-in many visual images, it is similar to Betelgeuse, it also changes its brightness over time and this is not due to any cardinal processes on the Star itself. The Hubble Telescope has provided an answer to the question of why the star is dimming. The star HIP 35793 has the same eclipse topology as Betelgeuser, but in this case it is much more active and on a grander scale. HD 58061 smokes like a steam locomotive and completely fenced off from the outside world around it created a whole shroud of dust and burning.
Clouds of dust and gases prevent the passage of radiant energy from the star towards the Earth. According to preliminary estimates of scientists, this dust cloud, which now hides the star VY CMa, was born about 200 years ago. Even closer to the star, there are still clouds, but according to scientists, they are much less than a century old.
By observing the star with the Hubble telescope mirror, scientists were able to roughly develop a model of the movement of hot gases from the surface of the star to the outer perimeter. Just the emissions of dust and gases from the star occurred at a time when its brightness was just falling strongly, it was in the 19th century and in the 20th century, astronomers recorded it.
The star HIP 35793, although large, is too dim in brightness to be clearly seen at this distance. Perhaps in the distant past, the star was visible in the night sky, but now, because of the dust and burning, it can not be seen at all without a powerful telescope!
The star may not have been interesting, but it emits a lot of dust and gas and is probably in some unique evolutionary period, about which scientists know very little, for this reason there is so much attention to VY CMa, HD 58061 or HIP 35793. The star of VY Cma, started life in the image of a hot, blue star! To all its charms, it was also very large! At some stage of gorenje, all the hydrogen burned out and now the helium is burning, and the star is no longer Blue and bright, but dim and large!
Sometimes the star shrinks a little and burns brighter, and sometimes it stretches and dims, this is its usual state. The star could probably explode at some stage, but it did not explode, but it burns out and has already burned off about half of its original mass... How can it all end? The star VY CMa, HD 58061 or HIP 35793 will probably just shrink to the density of a black hole and end its existence there.

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