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Our little urchin is ripe everywhere the Chinese are on the Moon and on Mars

Our little urchin is ripe everywhere  the Chinese are on the Moon and on Mars Previously, we could assume that the RED planet is really only studying images from the archives of NASA, but now we have been given a choice, in the near future it will be possible to compare the real situation on Mars and even Chinese photos.
The probe that landed on the surface of MARS at this time sends to Earth high-quality panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. What surrounds the Chinese probe to call nature as the language does not turn, but it is just the same nature, but with another, different from the Earth surface.
The Chinese, by the way, have even managed to publish a certain record in the public domain, the description says that this video series was made from the board of the Mars probe (China). As soon as the Martian orbiting probe was in the right orbit, so went the video clips from Mars.
The most probably interesting video clip shows how a certain planet appears from the depths of the gloomy cosmos. The video was taken from the Tianweng-1 space station, which is just plowing the expanses over Mars in the chosen orbit.
The surface of Mars can not be considered well, since the height is still decent, and the cameras are not so good, or simply China does not want to share high-quality photos of the surface of the Red Planet. Most likely, the second is true, since there have long been photo cameras that can even recognize the license plate number on cars that plow the streets of large cities from space. On the video while it is possible to consider some of the craters or their shape on the surface of Mars. Strange, but the video is just disgusting, it seems that the artists in the Star Wars saga can draw even cooler.
It was probably possible to put a good optics and a good photo camera in a five-ton container that flies in the orbit of Mars. Perhaps it would be possible ?) And this camera is there, but it does not take photos for you and me, but for them and them:)
No wonder the Chinese called their Martian orbital block "QUESTIONS TO THE SKY". The project itself is both an orbital and a descent and a ground mobile module! All this unique stuff is made in China and flew from the Chinese cosmodrome, so we can say that in terms of the development of Mars, China has already overtaken Russia, Russia is already on the backup dance:)) Even the United Arab Emirates sent its probe to Mars and it successfully flew and became in orbit. The Chinese module is still flying and is not being unloaded, with plans to land in May 2021. A descent container with a rover weighing 240 kilograms will be delivered to the surface. According to preliminary data, the landing will take place in the Utopia crater. The Chinese experts have set aside only one year of work for the rover, but in fact everything is likely to work out one term, then another and another and so on, until the wheels are worn off and the batteries fall apart from old age.

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