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A warm gas giant has been found in the orbit of a young F-type star TOI-201

A warm gas giant has been found in the orbit of a young F-type star TOI-201 Telescopes study the sky with enviable regularity, data is written to the hard disk and, as far as possible, the scientific community finds something there or searches for it at will. So it happened recently, studying the records from the TESS telescope and a couple of other means of observation, scientists found out that there is a very large exoplanet in the orbit of the observed star, this publication is about an F-type star TOI-201. The gas giant was in a zone where it is not overheated by the star, but slightly warms up. This planet is probably a couple of times larger than Jupiter, the data is there, but they are as you know lapot, and therefore we will assume that a certain gas planet is still about twice as large as Jupiter. According to what orbit it is in and for how long it makes a rotation, scientists do not know, they write in their reports. That this figure is about 10 to 100 days.
All the data that scientists have received on this object is important only because of the interest in the topic "How planets are formed*", the rest is not interested in anything else. No one is going to live there, we can't get anything there, and no one wants to dream for free:) If hot Jupiter is visually large, then calculating its mass in reality is a great work, and at least the sorcerer Stometov from the village of Krivosheevo can do it. But if the gas giant is not very hot, then in principle, it is possible to calculate its size and density , and therefore its mass, as it seems to me, more accurately, because there is no incomprehensible object whose upper part is smeared, but there is a real object that even has a real diameter, and it is many times more accurately determined by nature.
Scientists are sure at this time that hot Jupiter was not formed exactly where scientists found it, it was clearly pulled by the ears to the star from a more distant orbit. Giant gas exoplanets heated by a star have huge tidal processes, which in turn make it so that it is almost not really difficult to calculate the position and place of formation of such a gas monster. But in the case of too hot Jupiters, there is no such cataclysm and everything is considered simple and clear with them. It is based on the desire to learn the past of such gas giants that makes us study more closely not hot Jupiters, but warm ones.
Scientists have long observed this amazing, slightly heated monster came to the conclusion that its mass is about 0.42 times larger than our native Jupiter, this planet was named by scientists-TOI-201b, it makes a full path through the orbit in just 53 days. Although the star is young and bright, the exoplanet TOI-201b cools down very quickly.
If this happens and you have a telescope, then you can easily use it in observations, turn it around and point it in the direction of the constellation of the Painter, where somewhere in the depths of space at a distance of 372 light years is this giant miracle-TOI-201b. In atlases and star maps, we find the star HD 39474 and TIC 350618622, which is much larger in size than our Sun, and it is younger, it is only about 870 million years old, for stars of this magnitude it is an infant age. The history of the discovery...
First, the planet was found in the TESS telescope database, and then TOI-201b was searched in other catalogs and databases and studied directly using the NGTS telescope mirrors. And this is not all, along the way of research, more instruments and telescopes were involved, and you already know the result, with which I introduced you above in the story about the warm Jupiter, which is so far and so small that you even think about it:))

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