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The asteroid Itokawa holds many mysteries

The asteroid Itokawa holds many mysteries First of all, astrophysicists studied water, what it holds in itself.. It turned out that the water contained dust particles, all this amazing abundance of interesting things was delivered by the return probe as part of the Hayabusa mission. Japanese scientists sent a special probe to the lone asteroid with the S-type number 25143 Itokawa, which took pictures of the asteroid from a close distance and took soil samples. The mission to collect soil samples from asteroids performed by Japanese astronomers is unique and the first of its kind.
Water and the dust particles dissolved in it are actively studied by scientists,it is important for them to understand in what state they are there and how they interact with the solvent. Astronomers and physicists and chemists do all the studies of these samples in a deep vacuum, it is important that there is no minimal contamination of the samples, so that everything is ideally the same as on the asteroid itself. The Japanese return module collected a lot of dust particles on the asteroid Itokawa, although the weight of the soil is not so great, and the particles themselves are only from 10-200mkm, but even this is enough to make a certain discovery.
The ASTEROID ITAKAWA, it's just garbage, more precisely, space debris from various asteroids, which for many hundreds of thousands of years were compressed into such a cosmic body. The asteroid Itakawa is classified as an "S" type, a similar type of asteroids actively plow the inner cavity of our solar system and often fall out in the form of meteorites consisting of chondrites. In a wide range of chondrites, there are few inclusions and almost no organic impurities are observed in them, but if there is organic matter, then its very, very meager percentage.
Probably for this reason, the ground that came from space is very difficult to study. Japanese scientists have shown a truly amazing perseverance and unwound in the study is not a large fragment. A piece of dust! He even came up with the name "Amazon". To understand what this fragment of dust is, scientists subjected it to a number of executions, shone a powerful X-ray source on it, conducted a "Rman" analysis and as a result, many different organic substances were revealed. These are single crystals of graphite and various derivatives that include polyaromatic carbon.
The conclusions are very interesting, it turns out that this asteroid has been plowing through space for more than one billion years. At some stage, it flew up to the star and got very hot, perhaps it even collided with something and lost most of the water, which simply evaporated as a result of the strong heating. Then a miracle happened, all the fragments apparently after the destruction flew in some kind of orbit and as a result of a long time again merged into a single lump of matter. Over time, the asteroid was hit to some extent by water, it was brought there by cosmic dust. Rock analysis shows that the asteroid once in the past was heated to at least 600 degrees Celsius.
For many millions of years of wandering through space, a lot of dust fell on the asteroid Itakawa and perhaps some dust carried with it fragments of a substance suitable for the formation of protein life. As a result, the asteroid itself has become a kind of warehouse of various kinds of organic matter, which can be used for the synthesis of proteins.
Studying the ground from the asteroid, scientists traced the long path of development of the asteroid itself and came to the conclusion that the evolution of the asteroid is very similar to the evolution of the Earth itself.

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