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A Japanese robot shaped like a soccer ball will soon go to the Moon

A Japanese robot shaped like a soccer ball will soon go to the Moon The lunar rover, which is being developed in Japan, can hardly be called a ball, it does not look like it, although the media all conspired and echoed each other that the robot transformer is clearly similar to a rugby ball. There is still time to prepare the probe for a successful flight, it is currently being developed and debugged, the launch is scheduled for 2022, the probe will be launched by an ispace rocket. The Japanese company ispace, as a private space carrier, will deliver the robot to the Moon, the agency (JAXA) is engaged in the development of the robot. They will land the robot on the surface using the HAKUTO-R lander.
The main task of the lander is to deliver a lunar rover to the surface of the Moon, which will study the lunar dust, as well as on board this lunar module with wheels will be a good photo camera, which will easily allow you to take gorgeous pictures of the surrounding world.
The Japanese space cab will deliver to the Moon not only a Japanese rover, but also a rover created in the United Arab Emirates, this technique is called "Rashid". We will believe that the success of this enterprise is a foregone conclusion and that everything will go smoothly, and if so, then probably a couple of new members will be added to the club of lovers of driving on the Moon on the rover. The Club already includes the USA, China, and the USSR.
Until the very moment when the Japanese rover will be ready for another order of time, it is still being created. There is a lot of time before the project is implemented, but the advertising is already in full swing. The robot, which is going to be created in Japan, is more like a "Tumbleweed", the robot has the shape of an irregular ball with a diameter of 80 mm, after opening the sphere rolls on the surface on a pair of wheels.
If you believe in success, the Japanese robot will be the smallest and most advanced lunar module that will explore the surface of the moon. The Japanese like to make something miniature, the robot will weigh only 250 grams, to all its charms, it takes several times smaller dimensions in the transport state than in the usual unfolded state. The robot is not expensive and if it is useful, it will always be sent to future lunar missions, even flights to Mars with the ability to study the surface of the planet will not do without it.
The robot is created by engineers from Sony, Tomy, and specialists from Doshisha University are also involved in the project. The Japanese are doing everything in order to study our satellite to the maximum and gain experience for a further, more distant flight to Mars or somewhere else with the opportunity to land on the surface and study something.
ispace specialists reported on the lunar module sparingly, according to their version it is not a large wheeled module - all-terrain vehicle. The robot will communicate with the Earth through the lander, which in turn will send data packets to the orbit of the Moon, and from there to the receiving antennas of the Earth.
So far, everything is going according to plan and Japanese engineers are gaining experience for the implementation of the Lunar Cruiser project. This is essentially a huge all-terrain vehicle for the Moon, even astronauts will be able to ride on the moon on it, it will have to be built no earlier than 2029.
The JAXA space Agency already has a lot of experience in the study of asteroids and distant planets, so Japan is almost ready to implement its ambitious project of a lunar rover for astronauts right next to the Earth. If everything goes normally, there is no obstacle to deliver it to ina Mars or somewhere else.

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