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Hubble, though old, has not lost his sight! Looking at the galaxy Arp 28

Hubble, though old, has not lost his sight! Looking at the galaxy Arp 28 Probably not even worth convincing someone otherwise, but the fact that such an old and time-worn telescope like Hubble works and surprises the world with its photos is probably something very magical.
What is the galaxy Arp 28, which is located at a distance of 145 million light-years? This is a certain star cluster that was formed for billions of years and turned out to be almost unique, something similar is clearly already on such a scale already to be found in the night sky will not work for sure.
If you want to read something along the way about the galaxy Arp 28, then you should probably know that it is also called differently in different catalogs - NGC 7678, LEDA 71534 and UGC 12614, so to speak, it all depends on who wrote the catalog.
This star cluster is located at a distance of 145 million light-years by our Earth standards, which is a huge distance, but given the fact that the end of the Universe has not yet been discovered, it means that it is something very small and not significant within the Universe, so close that we will not even think about it. Look for this star dance is in the direction of the constellation Pegasus. I think that even though the object is so far away, but the galaxy itself is still not so small, it is about 115,000 light-years in diameter, which is approximately similar to our Milky Way galaxy if we take our diameter for 110,000 light-years.
If you have your own telescope, you can repeat the discovery of astronomer William Herschel, which he made on September 15, 1784. The galaxy Arp 28 is a picular star system, there are many such galaxies, there is even a whole atlas of similar brethren in the night sky. The catalog of picular galaxies was created in the middle of the last century, by the author of the work astronomer Halton Arpom.
The photo that is now walking on the network and is considered the last and highest quality photo of this distant galaxy is actually a composite photo, it includes dozens, and maybe hundreds of photos, in order to get such a bright picture as a result.
So many high-quality photos were obtained using the Hubble Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3) tool.
The colors so to speak were obtained using light filters, then they were all superimposed and got a color picture. It seems to me that even Picasso, with his talent, could not have drawn this.

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