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Gardens on Mars are clearly not blooming, but there are stone mushrooms!

Gardens on Mars are clearly not blooming, but there are stone mushrooms! It may be another sensation sucked out of the finger, or it may be something else, but recently some well-known publications have reported that there is some kind of fungal life on Mars, it breeds and multiplies on the surface of Mars. These formations were seen not only from orbit, but also with the help of photo cameras of the Opportunity rover, and this discovery was made as it turns out a long time ago, back in 2004.
Scientists believe that this is nothing else, but an ordinary mineral hematite, but the fact that it is there already suggests some thoughts and now scientists are violently discussing the fact that such an anomaly takes place!
By its nature, the mineral Hematite is a kind of compound of oxygen and iron. Now scientists have a task to find out how such an oasis from such a tricky material actually appeared on the surface. These rounded hats clearly appeared recently, relatively recently, and clearly this is something born as a result of some volcanic activity that was very, very long ago.
It turns out that there are clearly no mushrooms in the usual sense on Mars, but there are some strange spherical formations and there are so many of them that it is difficult not to notice them either from space or from the position of the Opportunity rover. These balls are also buried in the ground and they even exist in the rocky ground. What's it? Maybe it's something from the distant past, some kind of fossil worms??
If we look for an unusual manifestation of alien life, then mushrooms are not quite alone in this caste. Even when these formations were first seen on Mars, scientists immediately expressed the opinion that these were the remains of some ancient fossilized microorganisms.
It may be difficult to say what it is, but if we draw an analogy with what can be found from such things on Earth, then we quite have similar objects, for example, growing stones. Stones that have been growing and moving for years. It's no secret that in one of the deserts of America there were stones that crawl up to 200 meters a year, and the most interesting thing is that they crawl somehow chaotically, their movements can not be glued to anything.
Growing stones are found all over the world, most of them are found in Romania. Why not agree with the statement that these stones in some form could have been formed on Mars, and why not believe that flint life is just as real and can be just as intelligent as biological life. After all, we make chips out of silicon and build smart cars on their basis... What prevents nature from creating any thinking structure on the basis of ordinary sand, and maybe this is it and these structures are the real inhabitants of this Mars.

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