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Powerful pulsars in small star clusters

Powerful pulsars in small star clusters The Small Magellanic Cloud is a cluster of stars, all of which together revolve around the center of mass of our Milky Way galaxy! This amazing cluster is not so far away and for this reason it is easier to observe it. By pointing the XMM-Newton telescope (ESA) at this cluster of stars, astronomers have discovered a fairly powerful pulsar, it is not yet clear whether there is anything more in this small galaxy, but at this time of analysis, the object PSR J00587218 is clearly the largest of its kind. On May 17, a detailed description of the object was published on the website of arXiv.
A pulsar is essentially a neutron star with a huge speed of axial rotation, along with diverse streams of particles and radio radiation flying out from the poles of this object. Basically, pulsars are detected by the way they send signals at a radio frequency or beams of radiation of a different nature to the observer with enviable regularity. However, some pulsars are detected even in the usual optical range. Pulsars are different and all of them can be detected with the help of gamma detectors or powerful X-ray telescopes.
The small Magellanic Cloud is located about 195 thousand light-years away from Earth, it is essentially a nursery for stars, there is a lot of dust and free gas. Pulsars in this irregular galaxy have already been found in abundance, among all the finds of young and energetic ones, not so much.
As a rule, when a supernova explodes, a nebula is formed, and in the center of such a nebula, either black holes, pulsars, or something large with nuclear density are usually hidden. Considering one of the nebulae, its name is IKT 16, this object was found in the center, it glows in the X-ray sector of radiation, it was found using the XMM-Newton telescope.
The object was discovered and it seemed very interesting to German scientists. By studying PSR J0058-7218. They found it to be a pulsar. We studied this amazing object using a powerful detector installed on board the XMM-Newton satellite.
This pulsar rotates at an amazing speed, making a full axial rotation in just 21.77 milliseconds. This object is approximately 12,000 years old.
By all parameters, PSR J0058-7218 is the most energetic and youngest pulsar in the M. M. Magnetar cloud with a magnetic field of 800 billion Gs. At the same time, it also sends out streams of particles and glows in the X-ray range at the level of 120 decillions of erg/s.
Here is such a miracle was found nearby in the neighboring irregular and not large in size dwarf galaxy MMO.

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