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What is interesting about the SPHEREx telescope project?

 What is interesting about the SPHEREx telescope project? Many people familiar with space technology have long argued that NASA's SPHEREx telescope is something completely new in terms of orbital and space surveillance devices. The more complete name of the SPHEREx space telescope is Spectro-Photometer for the History of the Universe. While the device is still at the production stage, but it is already clear that the telescope will definitely be completed and it will not turn out to be some kind of another long-term construction. NASA approved the project and did not refuse funding, and this is already the first and important step towards implementation. At this time, the necessary software is being written, the necessary equipment is being developed, in general, the work is in full swing. We are waiting for good results, and God only knows what will happen in the end.
The SPHEREx telescope is being developed at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, engineers plan to launch a space observatory no later than 2024, and if something goes late, then in the spring of 2025, the space observatory will definitely start to its workplace.
The telescope will have special infrared sensors that will allow you to monitor the entire spectrum of infrared radiation from the observed object. A special mission has been developed for this device, which should be completed in two full years. The telescope will make a detailed infrared map of the night sky more than once, so that it will be possible to observe changes in the night sky in the infrared range with some delay. The telescope will study both nebulae and galaxies and even rare distant objects that are still difficult to study due to the minimal known information about them.
Engineers developing the SPHEREx telescope pursue a number of goals set by the investor.
The project was funded by those who believe that everything originated from the void at the point after the Big Bang. The version itself is essentially utopian, but those who have money clearly do not believe in it and spend huge amounts of money just to amuse their ego and, if possible, prove the truth of the story about the Big Bang, to understand at least what happened in the first minutes after such a huge cataclysm. Some theorists believe that in the first seconds of the explosion,space expanded greatly, if this was the case, then it somehow had to influence the spread of matter in the born Universe. If there are any signs of influence, and they have remained until our time, then scientists would like to find them. This is, so to speak, the first and apparently utopian task.
Along the way, the SPHEREx telescope will create a map of the galaxies of the night sky in the infrared range, all this good will be studied for some natural influence of some huge explosion. The second and probably not unimportant goal for SPHEREx is related to the history of the emergence of star clusters, different galaxies in the visible part of the Universe. Scientists will study background radiation, so to speak, radiation from the distant past of any object under study.
And the third task seems to me very interesting and realistic. The SPHEREx telescope will search for water ice or any organic matter in the orbits of young stars. The developers are quite confident that 29 months of fruitful work will be enough to implement such a system. After the equipment is created, the second phase of the project will begin. Tests and more tests, when everything will be worked out to the smallest detail, the day of the launch of the SPHEREx project into outer space will be appointed.

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