What is the probability of living life in our Universe?

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The scientific community has been thinking about how likely it is that life can arise in our Universe for more than one century. Science fiction writers anticipate discoveries and tell the world good news long before the most anticipated event. For example, in the book "life of the cosmos" (1999), science fiction physicist Lee Smolin calculated the probability of life in our Universe. The probability turned out to be about 1 in 10229, it turns out that the probability is just minuscule...
But if we assume that our universe is a living organism, and we just parasitize it, then in this case we should multiply more actively and populate large bridgeheads, so that we are not poisoned and not outlived with the light of any "medicine". If a thrown Apple immediately appears rotten, and this is a consequence of the work of parasites, then by analogy, life can just as easily be born on the Universe at any point, since the derivatives of that very life are simply teeming everywhere in space.
If you do not think that the universe is a large and planned by nature organism, and think that this is a big Cup of Petri, and we are on the table under the microscope of a biologist, then his beloved had to work very hard to create such unique conditions for possible life. But this is all like a fantasy, scientists tend to believe that there are just a lot of universes and certain processes occur in them with different probability, and we seem to have boarded that train in our random life, because it brought us to the station of incarnation in our flesh with blood and mind from past lives.
There is also a different version, according to it, it seems that the Universe was blinded by some God. Which is quite likely, I previously called such a God a "Biologist".
Theologians just think that only the Gods created the Universe and it is thanks to them that we as a species exist. And who created the gods along the way???
It is difficult to explain everything somehow, although apparently everything is simple, we apparently do not operate with the data to understand and explain everything. To the extent of the limited data supply from the system, humanity is simply not able to cover the scale of acts that occur nearby. In fact, it seems to me that everything depends on some kind of energy, where this energy is taken I do not know, but the fact that it permeates space in all directions does not enter anyone into a stupor. This energy is called by different names, but apparently no one has yet learned to use it except for certain sects.
This is energy that, if used correctly, can materialize into anything and everything. This is exactly the energy that fulfills our desires, but only because we can not collect enough of it, our desires are fulfilled not immediately but in time… Maybe God is not something huge, but something that can control this energy, some huge computer, and it is he who programs our life as it is, and we are stealing energy from the latter, creating mini miracles in our separate small universe called life.

The Universe as a Living System

If the mind or computer was able to transform a certain flow of energy into something similar to our Universe, then what prevents it from creating billions of such universes, just changing some basic parameter in each new universe in the end, you can get a completely different world. The theory of the multiplicity of universes is quite similar to the theory that someone creates Them from scratch from some huge stream of energy that is not yet clear, but definitely exists.
Let's not say that we live in a computer matrix, it's not serious. Consider the option in which we parasitize on some living organism. In this case, both the theory of theologians and the theory of physicists practically passes, although both of them are slightly mistaken and sometimes make false forecasts for the future. The theist's falsehood is that he introduced the parameter "Universal evil" into the process, it does not exist as such, there is pure energy, and you can either extract good or evil from it, these are already secondary manifestations of universal energy. If there is a God. Then believe me, he does not need to create evil, it is not necessary for anyone, and the production requires huge costs, but in the Universe, nothing is created anyhow ...
The second option, which emphasizes just the multiplicity of Universes, and we are only the lottery-winning inhabitants of it, too, not everything fits together. It all started with the attempts of the good old physicist Boltzmann back in the 19th century, first in his head, then on paper, the paradox of the observable Universe was drawn. In fact, we can't observe the Universe without leaving it, only when we break out of the Universe itself will we be able to assess its scale and understand what it really is. Then physicists repeatedly polished this theory and eventually finished it to the point that they created some strings… To explain that something strange introduced more unknown constants that one to explain, but at the same time in the discussion to propose a few additional unknown and so the last time goes for the avalanche, we are not trying to know the universe as it is, in fact, trying to isolate themselves from it formulas and constants, but it is no good will not result, and this in fact is the Grand delusion of modern physicists.

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What is the probability of living life in our Universe?

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