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Astronomers have discovered the closest exoplanet to the Sun

Astronomers have discovered the closest exoplanet to the Sun Astronomers from the University of Carnegie, together with specialists from the University of Western Ontario, have been searching for exoplanets in the space closest to Earth for several years, and recently the group discovered an exoplanet that is listed in the catalog as the youngest exoplanet, plus this exoplanet does not have its own Star. The exoplanet has a high temperature and glows brightly. If you are interested in this topic, then in the scientific journal The Astrophysical Journal Letters in the near future, a group of scientists intends to publish their calculations.
I do not know how accurate the calculations of scientists are, but according to their version, the exoplanet is only 10 million years old. By the standards of human life, this is oh so much, from the point of view of the life of an ordinary planet, this is the age of a baby. For this stellar "child" came up with a unique complex name-2MASS J1119-1137. The exoplanet is young, but it is already about 8 times larger than Jupiter. If such an exoplanet is the size, then it is more like a brown dwarf than some small exoplanet. In order to find this object with the lowest possible brightness in space, the powerful WISE Thermal Telescope (NASA) was used.
Probably only because the exoplanet or star shone very brightly, so uto managed to find it in the pitch darkness of space. Basically, this exoplanet studies energy in the thermal spectrum, in the visible spectrum of the eye it is not visible at all. Previously, scientists have found something similar, but similar exoplanets are much further away and they are hardly distinguishable. Object 2MASS J1119-1137 is very close and it was even studied with the Flamingos-2 spectrograph, an additional equipment of the Gemini South telescope in Chile.
The spectrograph immediately confirmed hints that 2MASS J1119-1137 is a young in age, but quite massive object in the space closest to the Sun. It was previously thought to be a distant and dim star, as earlier observations gave evidence that 2MASS J1119-1137 is approximately 200 million years old. Such data was given by the Gemini telescope.
When they used a very sensitive telescope and FIRE equipment in Chile, it turned out amazing! 2MASS J1119-1137 is a solitary exoplanet located in the vicinity of the Sun. 2MASS J1119-1137 is approximately 95 light-years from Earth. In the nearest environment from the Sun, this is the second object in brightness, it follows the exoplanet PSO J318. 5? 22.
2MASS J1119-1137 is just a godsend for scientists, it is easier to study it, because it is not in the shadow of its star, but is alone in space, that is, it glows and shimmers with all colors without any significant interference from any side.

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