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Galaxy NGC 4680 in the lens of the Hubble telescope

Galaxy NGC 4680 in the lens of the Hubble telescope The telescope was created not so long ago, to forget it, with joint funding from NASA and ESA. Not long ago, this outdated "orbital miracle" took a picture of the distant galaxy NGC 4680. NGC 4680 is certainly not far away by cosmic standards, only some 98 million light-years. The fact that scientists have now photographed is essentially an imprint of events of the distant past. In the photo, NGC 4680 is just in the same state as it was 98 million years ago. Now there may well be something wrong,some stars are no longer there, something is a lot, and something is not enough. Time changes everything and it is difficult to argue with it. If you want to see this galaxy if you want and have a good amateur telescope at home, then you need to look for it somewhere in the depths of space in the direction of the constellation Virgo.
For the first time, having not the best telescope, the English scientist Herschel saw this galaxy in the eyepiece, this event happened, judging by the records on May 27, 1835. I sometimes call this galaxy differently in different catalogs, there is no system in the names yet. While reading, you can meet such names of this unique galaxy-IRAS 12443-1121 or LEDA 43118, although the galaxy is far away, since it is well turned to the observer from Earth, it can be seen very well. The diameter of this constellation is approximately 45,000 light-years. Astronomers in their arguments refer to the galaxy IRAS 12443-1121 or LEDA 43118 as a complex cosmic object. Some call this constellation a lenticular galaxy, others call it a spiral galaxy, and each has its own justifications and arguments. The galaxy is already similar in terms of the main evaluation criteria. Probably there is something in common between spiral and lenticular galaxies, lenticular galaxies are somewhat similar even to elliptical star clusters.
The galaxy NGC 4680 has some similar formations similar to the usual spiral arms. Spiral arms seem to exist, but they are somehow strange, they are at the initial stage of their formation, they are already at the final stage, in general, their tips are slightly blurred and do not have a clear shape.
If we consider any galaxy to be a non-static object, it becomes clear that galaxies at different stages have some special shape of their own, they do not immediately become the same as we see them in the photo. There is a certain assumption that at first the galaxy becomes spiral, then it turns into an elliptical one. Very often this happens because two large galaxies merge into a single object.
Astronomers are closely watching the galaxy NGC 4680, and there, for example, in 1997, they saw an explosion of a type Ia supernova (SN 1997bp). It is the fact that it was possible to see how a supernova explodes in a distant galaxy and led to the fact that a lot of attention is now focused on the galaxy NGC 4680. It will probably be even funnier if we say that this supernova was seen for the first time by amateur astronomer Robert Evans.
The last of the presented images of this distant galaxy was created in the laboratory by the method of superimposing different images taken with different exposures and with different filters. As a result, after the merger, we have what we have.

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