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I wonder where the acid clouds in the atmosphere on Mars come from?

I wonder where the acid clouds in the atmosphere on Mars come from? Acid clouds, as it turns out, exist not only on Earth in the area where Volcanic activity is taking place, but also on Mars, which would seem to be completely empty of different vulcanism.. The instruments of the NASA rover at a very high altitude found whole clouds consisting of frozen carbon dioxide. Most of the clouds on the equator of the red planet during the cold season. Mars moves around the Sun in a very elongated orbit, and when the planet moves away from the Sun, it is time to observe such a phenomenon.
Although such clouds were previously recorded, but this time they were seen much earlier than the usual period. The clouds themselves in March are kind of rare and well-studied. They are very thin in structure and are located at a high altitude. These unique clouds are made up of small ice crystals. The only reason we could see these clouds was because they were silvery and scattered light on the Sun. After a detailed study of the clouds themselves, it turned out that they hang above the surface of Mars at a much higher altitude than those clouds that are usually recorded near the equator in January.
On Mars, there are also the usual clouds of water ice, but they move slightly at a lower level, from the surface of about 60 km.
The clouds that the instruments of the Curiosity rover noticed probably fly at a very high altitude, there is certainly everything in a frozen state, and even carbon dioxide. The clouds shimmer just after sunset. They shimmer with reflected light against the already gray sky.
In some scientific papers, these clouds are referred to as silvery clouds. They are all different in brightness, and the more carbon dioxide crystals in the cloud, the more reflected light such a cloud glows. Gradually, the clouds fade in their brightness and this is due to the fact that Mars turns, and the Sun goes further beyond the horizon. By how and how much Mars turned, and the clouds were still glowing, it was possible to find out at what height the clouds themselves are.
Sometimes you can even see pearly clouds, this is more than a rare and unique phenomenon on Mars. Such clouds do not depend on the filling medium at all, everything depends on the uniformity of the crystals in the cloud, that is, the closer they are to each other in size, the brighter such a cloud shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow. This is not news, and even astronomer Nicola Revue from the Industrial and Economic Technical School told about it more than once in Astronomy lessons. Such clouds do not live long, as the crystals all grow and at some stage, everything ends.
From its vantage point, the NASA rover could see very well, even though the clouds themselves were very, very dim...

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