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A meteorite that fell to Earth two years ago is fraught with many mysteries!

A meteorite that fell to Earth two years ago is fraught with many mysteries! If the meteorite was a little bigger or there was a different time of year, then clearly no one would have noticed such a masterpiece. But this is how the world works and everything coincided, on the surface of a frozen lake, scientists found a meteorite that would have been clearly nothing remarkable, if not for the fact that it had a lot of complex organic matter. Scientists are actively studying the entire set of what turned out to be in the meteorite as inclusions, and there were Oh so many interesting things.
FROM where, from what world this body took off, but clearly it traveled in space for a long time until it lit up the sky over the great American lakes Upper, Huron, Erio. And Ontario. Lake Ontario got the most light in the end. Experts who watched the meteorite fall traced the trajectory and accurately identified the place where the meteorite broke up into fragments and spilled out to the surface of the Earth. As a result, more than one search mission went to this place and a unique fragment of space debris was found. The meteorite is called Michugan, as it fell in the area of the state of Michugan.
Then the meteorite got to study at the University of Chicago, the meteorite was not big in the end, just like an ordinary walnut, but it was enough to study it very well.
As a result, this "nut" turned out to contain many complex organic compounds, the total number is still being specified, but 2000 names have already been found and determined.. Even more surprising is the age of all these organic compounds, they are almost the same age as the Solar system. If everything is correct and no one was mistaken, then with a high degree of probability it can be argued that such proto-organic molecules could well become the building blocks of which ordinary microbes and, of course, bacteria appeared in our reality in the future.
The meteorite was studied in different ways, but the radioisotope scan gave a stunning result, this piece itself was formed about 4.5 billion years ago. It was during this period that the block was very sharply warmed up to a temperature of about 700 degrees. Then everything seemed to freeze in time, something that boiled over with rapid heating and did not change for more than 3 billion years. This block was flying somewhere and as a result of the collision, a very large fragment broke off from it, this happened about 12 million years ago. This is the piece that eventually flew to the state of Michigan and fell on the surface of a frozen lake. By the way, the water in this lake is so saturated with chemicals that you can develop ordinary photo films in it:)) a couple of days in this water and do not need any developer or fixative.
The meteorite was studied and awarded the category "class H4", because at this time there were already about 2600 complex organic compounds based on carbon. If such complex molecules were already at the beginning of the formation of our Solar system, then with a high probability life on the planet was brought from Space, this so to speak confirms Panspermia in action. Interested? Then look for the full article in the journal Meteoritics & Planetary Science.

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