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Two giant exoplanets have been discovered near a star similar to the Sun

Two giant exoplanets have been discovered near a star similar to the Sun There is such a group of scientists called "Planet Hunters TESS", they are funded by NASA, the group consists mainly of civilian scientists and this, as it turns out, does not prevent making grandiose discoveries at all. Recently, two simply huge planets were discovered near a distant star similar to our Sun in all basic parameters. The star in the large catalog of stars is listed under the number - HD 152843.
By its peculiarity, HD 152843 is nothing more than an ordinary non-large G-type star. This dwarf is located approximately at a distance of 352 light-years, you need to look for a star in the direction of the constellation Hercules.
Perhaps you have heard about this amazing star more than once, it is also called in some catalogs as an object-TOI-2319 or SAO 84691, although the star is small, but it is almost as massive as our Sun, although it is 1.5 times larger and shines much brighter. This slightly larger star than our Sun has planets and they turned out to be not small. The planet closest to the star is 3.4 times larger than Earth, but the density is probably large, since the planet is 11.6 times larger than our Earth by mass. This inner planet was named - HD 152843b, although this is a large planet, but it is by no means slow, it makes a complete revolution around its parent star in 12 days. The second planet is even more massive, it is 5.8 times larger than Earth and at the same time weighs as much as 27 and a half times more. This is something similar in parameters to Saturn. This planet was named or called - HD 152843c, it makes a full cycle of rotation around the star in about 22 days, there is no exact data.
Having studied these two distant planets, scientists may be a mouse step further in understanding how planets are actually born and develop from a planetary disk.
All this seems to be interesting, but in fact the whole point and interest is different. Looking through the photos of the TESS Space Telescope (NASA), scientists in the framework of the Planet Hunters TESS project just identified these two planets. They were ordinary amateur astronomers.
When the data came to the table for the study of the pros, they were pleasantly surprised that the two recorded mixing of the transit method revealed just two exoplanets. In order to know exactly and draw conclusions in this direction, they put more telescopes and already studied the topic from two points. It turned out to be what it turned out to be, and the discovery of ordinary amateurs eventually resulted in a grandiose discovery of professionals.
A duplicate observation was made using the HARPS-N instrument, which is available at the Nazionale Galileo Observatory, along the way, the EXPRES instrument at the Lowell Observatory was also included in the work, this instrument showed exactly what kind of planets and what their nature is.
On these, though large and heavy planets, there is clearly nothing alive, in terms of protein life. But this is not at all a statement that there cannot be another form of life there... Everything revolves and revolves around the idea of finding a planet similar to Earth, but so far nothing similar has been found. We are looking badly or we don't say that we have found it:)) One of the two is true! If the topic is interesting to you, then full information is available in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

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