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SpaceX may well be able to land astronauts on the Moon in 2024

SpaceX may well be able to land astronauts on the Moon in 2024 Is it worth believing such news and how realistic it is? After all, it is not difficult to notice that the press mostly writes not what is actually there, but what the reader wants to read! Probably before the real landing of the Americans on the moon once again, not four years, but probably a little more. If it were otherwise, then the Chinese comrades would tear one place in the direction of the Moon, and they are not in a hurry to get there, they are gradually building their own analogue of the ISS and apparently also slowly building something similar to the version from Elon Musk in the backyard of their space production.
On the other hand, Elon Musk himself is quite sure that if you try hard, you can still be on the Moon in 2024, there would be a desire and money. NASA is working hard on the topic of returning to the Moon in terms of the Artemis program, this is not just a short visit to the Earth's satellite, this is a long-term program that will allow you to gain a foothold on the Moon for a long time.
During the Trump administration, the US Space Agency was instructed to land astronauts on a new satellite by 2024. Some believe that such a goal is difficult to achieve, while others believe that it is quite realistic with a certain approach to implementation. While it is difficult to say whether the Biden administration will find the money to continue what Trump started, if it does, then everything will continue in a promising direction. If NASA takes the Starship transport from Elon Musk as the basis, then only the lander itself will remain to be finalized. Even Elon Musk himself believes that everything is very realistic, he expressed himself in this way at a press conference on April 23. Moreover, Musk believes that on board Starship to the Moon, it will be possible to regularly deliver people to the Moon not in 2024, but a year earlier, everything for this will be ready by then.
Elon Musk and his company have been actively testing the module since December 2020, 4 high-altitude flights have already been conducted, the results are one hundred percent successful, but generally positive. We did not launch the full version of Starship, and the height was only 50 meters, but it was quite enough to identify and refine the design itself. In order to launch a grandiose project, you need a powerful Super Heavy rocket. This rocket seems to be ready, but it has never been launched before,and it will probably be the most troublesome.
Before dealing with the rocket itself, they will conduct another test flight of Starship. If everything goes well, then it will be just the right time to get busy with the Super Heavy rocket itself.
I want to believe that the United States will still be among the first in the Lunar Race, because somehow I do not want China to be there with its antediluvian equipment and a bunch of ambitious plans. From such a scenario, nothing good will happen to anyone. China's development is drowning the rest of the world in debt and ruin....

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