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What an incredible joy, the Chinese rover has reached the Red Planet..

What an incredible joy, the Chinese rover has reached the Red Planet.. It is sad, but the fact is that Russia did not land its rover on Mars, but China easily got to Mars and apparently everything is still going quite normally!
At this time, this is still the first interplanetary mission of China, but as you can understand from the news feed, it is quite successful. The robot "Made in China" landed on Mars on May 14. The fact that they landed successfully is already a fact, since no one writes anything, everyone is breathing in a rag and waiting for official news from Beijing.
There is a reasonable desire to see the place on the map of Mars where the Chinese landed, but alas, there is no geolocation data yet. The Tianwen-1 spacecraft itself has been in orbit around Mars since February 2021, a little more than 9 months have passed, and the Long March 5 rocket has delivered everything in one piece!
For three long months, Chinese experts have been searching for a suitable place to land on the surface of MARS, and now it has finally happened! The Tianwen-1 container with the rover on board went to the planet. All the difficulties that the rover experienced during landing are already over and now everyone has relaxed their buns in anticipation of beautiful images from the "Blue", and not" Red " as everyone previously thought of Mars.
The landing took place by parachute in the region of Utopia Planitia, this is not a large flat place in the same area where a large meteorite once fell. This place is located in the northern hemisphere of Mars.
The Chinese landing system is like two drops of water similar to what is used not for the first time by American engineers. The deceleration of the falling controlled descent was carried out by turning on the brake motors for a short time.
Now, probably with 100% confidence, we can say that in terms of space exploration and Mars separately, the US and China are now in the lead, the other participants in the space race either did not realize that they had already lost, or quietly go off the track and are no longer hastily completing their spacecraft.
The Chinese apparently do not plan to ride on the surface of Mars for a long time, they may only have about 90 Martian days to complete the entire program. Now, not a big lyrical digression ...
The Chinese called their rover strange, associated it with a mythical god from the Chinese epic. Maybe this will somehow sacrally affect the course of the expedition, maybe everything was planned, not so much to study, as to frighten the world public opinion about the ambitious plans of the Middle Kingdom. In any case, one way or another, and China with its "Tin Can" is already rolling on the surface of the planet next to our Earth. In order to successfully build a base station on Mars, you need to at least know about the water ice reserves at the landing site. And the Chinese probe will just do exactly what it will look for under the surface of the planet in the depth of the crater water ice.
By the way, back in 1976, the Viking-2 lander (NASA) already visited this area, so in America they have long known about these places and apparently they are building their plans for them. The Chinese rover is quite an impressive size, it is at least twice as large as any American one. More, it doesn't mean better, there are 6 special tools on board the Chinese monster.
China will have to fill up the entire Internet with high-quality photos from Mars, because there are two good photo cameras on board the rover. In order to study the rocks remotely, there is a good laser and spectrograph on board. The analysis of the movement of air masses and temperature will also be carried out, all within the framework of studying the climate on the Red Planet, because Chinese scientists do not have much data on Mars.
In order to successfully transmit data from Mars to Earth, Chinese scientists have not come up with something special, they use the achievements of past missions of American specialists, use an orbital repeater and communicate with the rover through this orbital spacer. The resource of the orbiter is not so great, but the time that it has been put into it, it will allow you to see, transmit and determine a lot of important parameters.
Russia did not land anything on Mars, although there were attempts, but everything just broke down and fell apart along the way! The Soviet UNION in this regard was and still is much cooler, because for such a great period of time, Russia was not able to repeat the not quite successful mission of the USSR under the code name "Mars-3". Europe is also still in the fools, two attempts to land probes on MARS have returned with an error! So it turns out that China has beaten everyone, even the EU, in the Martian race.

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