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The further into space, the more exoplanets there are!

The further into space, the more exoplanets there are! Recently, it has been increasingly reported that the TESS telescope (NASA) captures massive exoplanets in the orbits of distant stars with enviable regularity. This time, again using this device, astronomers found a planet the size of Neptune in the orbit of an M-type star TOI-1231.
The star on the outskirts of which an exoplanet was found has tim M3, it is not so far away, only 90 years of travel at the speed of light. You need to fly in the direction of the constellation Parus. This star has a different name in different catalogs, it can be any of-NLTT 24399, L 248-27 and 2MASS J10265947-5228099,this is a star almost twice the size of the Sun and, of course, smaller in mass, but this did not prevent an exoplanet at least the size of Neptune from being created from a planetary disk, the name is TOI-1231b, this planet rotates quickly and is close to the star, and therefore it makes a full rotation cycle around the parent star only 24.3 earth days.
If we compare this exoplanet with the Earth, it turns out. That "aliens" live on a piece of space land 15.4 times more massive than ours and at the same time their planet is 3.65 times larger in size. TOI-1231b is as warm as on Earth, all because the planet is closer to its star. So, if there is water there, then it is clearly liquid. And if there are aliens there, then they are clearly many times stronger than our human species. At least, that's what amateur astronomer Nicola Revue claims.
It is probably unusual to live on a planet many times larger than Earth and not much smaller than NEPTUNE...
The planet TOI-1231b has about 57 degrees of heat, the planet is not so far away and scientists will probably even be able to consider the atmosphere, if there is one there. If it turns out that there are water clouds there, then this will be at least a credit, because there are not so many such worlds at such a small distance from Earth. The planet TOI-1231b has a relatively low density, and this may indirectly mean that the atmosphere is denser, and the planet itself may not be a stone island of desert land at all. True, no one can say anything clearly about how and what is in this atmosphere and what is its density. It can be hydrogen, it can be hydrogen-helium, and it can contain a lot of water vapor. We will find out everything a little later, as scientists will see something interesting in their powerful telescopes. So far, the material about the planet and the discovery itself has not been published in the Astronomical Journal, but I think it's a matter of time and soon we will be able to read something more interesting about this amazing, not cold, but warm exo world there..

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