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New image of the Necklace nebula - photo

New image of the Necklace nebula - photo The telescope probably would have pleased everyone with its high-quality images for more than one year, but the fuel is running out, and the wear of some stabilization systems is already very high, so there is no longer the same accuracy, but the telescope still knows how to photograph large objects in a tolerable expansion and quality.
This time I want to tell you about an object called "NEBULA Necklace", this is a planetary nebula that is about 15 thousand light-years from Earth, you need to look in the direction of the constellation Sagittarius. This is not the first time that this nebula has been written about, and each time more and more interesting things are being written about, sometimes the same nebula is called differently - PN G054. 2-03. 4 and IRAS 19417 + 1701, so the same "Necklace" nebula is also hidden under these two names.
Until 2005, no one suspected about this space object, everything was until a telescope from the observatory in the Canary Islands looked at this nebula. Spanish astronomers gave this nebula life!
This nebula is essentially part of the dust that was formed as a result of the existence of a binary system, stars about the size of our Sun. Probably at the initial stage, everyone was spinning and spinning, but when one of the stars burned out hydrogen and it began to burn helium, its size grew and it absorbed its companion. The rotation of one star around the other went on and on, and at some stage the upper layers of the inflated star could not resist and flew away from the center of the mass of the two stars. Scientists believe that such a unique cataclysm took place about 10 thousand years ago. It turned out like a kind of halo that flew off the crown of the star, it gradually moves away in different directions, now it is called the "Necklace" nebula because of the special fort. The stars that formed this nebula still revolve around each other, the system, although changing, but very slowly everything happens! So far, everything is spinning and there are still several million km of cold space between the stars.
To take a photo of these two stars is not yet possible, they are so close that the best photos seem to be one. One rotation cycle is approximately equal to the Earth's day.
A new photo thanks to the Hubble Wide Field Camera 3 tool has provided the scientific community with new data about such an amazing object. So, although the telescope is old, but it still sometimes turns out very good composite photos of huge nebulae.

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