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The scientific community does not let up, everyone is interested in what can be inside the lava tubes on the Moon?

The scientific community does not let up, everyone is interested in what can be inside the lava tubes on the Moon? Once upon a time in the distant past, there was volcanic activity on the Moon as well as on any solid surface. What kind of lava is there and where can you get to through these volcanic voids? The pipes through which the gas came out of the bowels are not always large in diameter, it is not so easy to study them, but attempts in this direction are clearly going on and not without success. The fact that the Moon is nearby, relatively close by cosmic standards, is good, because it will be much easier to explore the lava tubes. If it so happens that there are grandiose voids on the scale, then it will be possible to use them and build a good underground station on the Moon, of course this is advisable if humanity is going to exist for a long time, and not decide to end everything at once:))
In order to build a base on the Moon, European scientists set the task of studying lava tubes as the first possible one. There is even a DAEDALUS project, which is being worked out by scientists from the Julius-Maximilian University in Würzburg( JMU), this is a project that will allow you to create a robot to study lava tubes on the Moon. The robot will be created in such a way that it can squeeze as much as possible into any cave. The task is as clear as possible, the descent into the cave, then its mapping. The sphere will be apparently of impressive size, as it is supposed to be lowered into the lava tube with a special crane, and then the ball will move independently. The sphere will detach from the cable at the very bottom of the cave, but the cable will remain hanging and will work in the form of a receiving antenna and a certain signal repeater. Everything that will be captured by the robot with the help of such an amplifier will be fed to the surface, and from there to the transmitting antenna.
On board, the robot will have the necessary set of equipment, so that you can analyze the surface to understand what and what this whole environment consists of. The sensors will show the temperature, the barometer will measure the pressure, if it is there. There will also be a counter that measures the radiation background.
A special system of lasers and mirrors will be able to scan the passages with amazing accuracy, creating a 3D image of the tunnel itself. The robot will also have a robot manipulator, that is, a special mechanism for either moving something or removing it from the path. The manipulator's hand will also be able to take interesting soil samples on board. The sphere will not be so big, it will be an object up to 50 cm in diameter. Its weight will not be critical and there should be no problems with the delivery of this mission to the moon. They will develop it, test it, and then send it to the moon.
Apparently, scientists either know something about the lava tubes on the Moon or guess something, because at random, no one will invest such a huge amount of money in such a seemingly empty project from the point of view of payback.
Let's wait a bit and find out what this topic is really worth and what will be interesting in the end will be found not so far away in the space closest to us.

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