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Venus is a Russian planet, but it probably won't always be like this!

Venus is a Russian planet, but it probably won't always be like this! Russian Russian spacecraft flew in the direction of Venus earlier, or rather during the Soviet era, and the planet was called the "Russian Planet". So it was probably before, now there is no longer the USSR, and the Russians do not have money for such ambitious projects!
If you want to learn something new, then one hope is for the United States and the space agency NASA, sometimes you can learn something interesting from ESA, but this is not quite the level of funding, and therefore not such huge projects.
Now ambitious minds from the United States are trying to get funding for programs related to the study of Venus. We have even decided on the names of the future Venusian missions, these are DAVINCI+ and VERITAS. NASA hopes to learn more about the formation of the atmosphere on Venus. It may be possible to learn something about the existence of an ocean on Venus in the distant past. Maybe Venus once in the past was similar to the Earth, and what is happening on the planet now will be in the future with the Earth...

NASA plans to spend almost half a billion dollars on everything and about everything, they will finance it in the near future, but the flight will be carried out approximately in the period from 2028-2030.
NASA really wants to show the rest of the world that America comes first! NASA is already ready to give the scientific community an answer to an interesting question in many areas! How it turned out that the planet became a greenhouse..

To understand at least what is happening in the Venusian acidic atmosphere, you need to go down there and, if possible, spend some time in working order, which is not so easy if you understand that the environment is too aggressive. The most advanced optics will be installed on the lander made of resistant material and it will be possible to see with a good resolution what is located where the lander will be. The VERITAS mission is essentially a Venusian sounding expedition, the result of which will be to obtain a map of the planet's surface for use. The map will show how and where the volcanoes are raging, where the plateaus are, and where the mountains are. According to the carriage, it will be possible to judge volcanism on a planetary scale. Every corner of the Venusian surface emits a stream of particles, everything will be recorded and the result will be a map of how and in what range a particular area of the surface glows. For scientists, the heat map of the surface is of great interest.
Venus seems to be very close to the Earth, but we know very, very little about it. The USSR studied, but apparently all the data was classified, and now we have to study the same thing again in order for the Western scientific community to learn as much as possible about Venus. For scientists from the United States, the study of Venus this time will be akin to its discovery, so up to this point, NASA had very little data about Venus.
A CUVIS spectrometer will be installed on the DAVINCI+ lander. This device will record the streams of ultraviolet light. The bottom line is to find out what absorbs ultraviolet light in the atmosphere of Venus with high performance. It's no secret that almost half of the solar energy is absorbed by the planet's atmosphere.
From all this, it is probably not difficult to understand that NASA as a space agency is clearly in the lead now and will remain so in the future. Neither Russia, with its wealth, nor China, with its human resources, is able to catch up and overtake the right model for the advancement of humanity into space.

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